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Top Online Video Gaming 2020 By: Juan Ledesma Video gaming. The one thing that keeps us entertained, especially during Covid-19. It’s the way that we interact with our friends, the way we socialize while at home. Have you heard of a popular, new online video game? Have you played a game that you believe is the TOP online game for 2020? Fun fact, Among Us was released in 2018 by Innersloth! Two years ago! It has become super popular during quarantine. (In fact, even some parents and staff play this game!) Everyone has an opinion, so here is a chart that shows how many people voted each game as the BEST online game EVER.

Video Games Continued... As you can see, we have a variety of top games, but only ONE is the most played online video game. As the results have been counted, the best online game is “Among Us.” Many people will continue to play online video games. It’s a fact that online gaming will stay here for a long time. What’s the difference between Online Gaming and Video Gaming, you ask? See, video games are usually played on a gaming console or an arcade machine. Online gaming, on the other hand, is played on a computer, phone, tablet, etc. Online gaming is most popular for its portability. Fun fact, the first online game was MUD1, played on a computer, which was made in 1978, and originally connected to an internal network before later connecting to ARPANet in 1980. The first video game was Pong, made in 1972, was played on Atari, a gaming console that could be set up by being plugged into a television. Online gaming and video gaming will last and evolve throughout the years. Maybe YOU might make an online gaming breakthrough. Maybe YOU might make a video gaming extravaganza.

Time in the Tower: A Comic Strip By Reagan Seye

Parker’s 2020 Virtual Fall Theater Showcase By Courtney R. Moore As 2020 continues to impact everyone, earlier this school year, teachers Emily Nicotra and Lauren Rupert found a solution to keep the fine arts at Parker alive. Unfortunately, we don’t have a fall play, but fortunately, teams of students created short films! And they get to present it at a virtual autumn theater showcase, basically a Sundance Film Festival for Parker students, parents, staff, and District 161. This article is a behind-the-scenes look at what’s been happening with the theater department, and what we can expect from the showcase premiering on Friday, December 11th, 2020. Overall: Seven groups were created. Two adult directors are leading. There are five student directors. They are apprentices to the leaders and are resources for their fellow theatermates. In addition, there are 7 script editors, 8 film editors, and 7 composers using creativity and finalizing certain aspects of their groups’ short films. And finally, but not least, 32+ actors and narrators being on the main stage and showing off their group’s work.

The impossible is becoming possible. Over the past couple of weeks, the groups have finished their short film scripts, actors have further their character development, composers have finished their awesome music, and the film editors have done similar tasks like audio-visual specialists. Extra meetings have been available, when needed or if any questions needed to be answered. Also, certain websites like Soundtrap, WeVideo, Google Drive have been used during this process as well. But what we can expect from this showcase is that it will be based on many popular topics, and the theme is “hope and perseverance.” Because of the circumstances this year, it brings a bright light to the darkness happening around us. Also, you might see some cameos from people you know… The good thing about this is that it’s on streaming platforms, which are Youtube and Facebook Live. So, for people who don’t have Facebook, don’t worry! Because if you go to Parker Junior High’s Youtube Channel, it will be live-streamed from there too. I’m excited about the showcase, and it’s gonna be excellent! As the people say in the Broadway business, “The show must go on!”

Redo: Part 1 By: Kaitlin Neal “Ah… It’s snowing…” Celeste thought to herself as she noticed the scenery around her was starting to turn white. She’d been lost in her thoughts for so long that she didn’t even realize that it was snowing outside. “It’s colder than I thought out here. Should I save up for a car? No, it’s not like I really even leave my house that much.” These thoughts and many other random thoughts filled her mind as she shivered in her thin coat. Not long later, Celeste reached her house. Spooked, she sort of looked around. “Strange, I had this really weird eerie feeling like I’m being… watched… Usually I’m right about these kinds of things so I should hurry and get in the house.” Celeste, in a slight feeling of fear and panic, quickly unlocked the door and went into the house. She usually always locks the door, but this time she made completely sure that it was locked. Ding dong! The ringing of the doorbell spooked Celeste a little, but she remembered that Lyra, her older sister was coming to visit her and maybe stay with her for a few weeks. Knock knock knock. “Ah! Coming!” Celeste shouted as she went to answer the door. The second she opened the door, her sister gave her a big hug. “Hihi Celestial!” Lyra said in an excited tone. “I haven’t seen you in ages!” Celeste chuckled a little. “Lyra… I thought I told you to drop that weird nickname…” “Hm? Celestial? You don’t like to be Celestial? But your name is Celeste, so Celestial is a really cute nickname!” By this point, Celeste had given up trying to get Lyra to stop calling her by her unwanted nickname. After a few minutes of catching up, Lyra turned on the Tv and started watching the news. Even though they both hate watching the news, they still watch it to know what’s going on. All of a sudden, Lyra’s face was filled with surprise as she was still processing what she’d just heard on the TV. “Hey uh, Celeste..?” Lyra called out, not taking her eyes off of the television. Celeste was in the middle of drawing and didn’t hear a thing that Lyra said. “Hm? Yeah Lyra, did you call me?” Celeste asked, not looking up from her drawing tablet. Lyra was a little hesitant to bring up the topic of Celeste's old missing friends and classmates, as she knew it was a rather hard subject for Celeste to talk about. “Celeste… Remember what happened back in your first year of middle school..?”

Redo: Part 1 “Yes..?” Celeste replied, a little confused as to what would make her bring up such a topic. “...Well it says here that…. Th-the children who were reported missing 13 years ago… The person behind it, they-... They finally caught him…” Lyra hesitantly said. “That’s great! That means nothing else will happen from them now!” Celeste said, not understanding the concern in Lyra’s voice. “No Celeste… The person they caught… He was your friend, Leah’s cousin right..?” “Leah no… No… Her cousin would never do that to her, nor anyone else…” Celeste was having a moment. There was no way that Ash, Leah’s cousin would do such a thing. She thought that he had to have been framed, but she just couldn't think of who would do that. Lyra tried comforting Celeste and getting her to calm down, but after hearing this news, she was just staying in her room all day and didn’t go to work for two days. On Thursday of that week, Celeste finally decided to go back to work after she’d gotten herself together. However, she was starting to become more uncomfortable leaving the house after she felt the same eerie feeling as before, everytime she left the house. “Lyra, I know you might think I’m crazy but, I think there’s someone watching me.” Lyra looked at Celeste after she said that. “Hm I think I know what you’re talking about. I’ve been getting that same feeling recently too and it’s weird.” Lyra said. Celeste looked at Lyra again. “This started happening when we found out about the person behind the missing children back from middle school. One thing I find weird is that Ash was the “murderer” or whatever, yet that doesn’t match his character at all. Sure Ash could be dangerous if he needed to, but if he didn’t need to, he wouldn’t hurt a fly. His personality doesn’t match that at all and I want to somehow clear his name if I can!” Celeste said fiercely. “Lesles, I think you’re onto something. With how everything is, it’s like the actual person if trying to mock us as if they already know that they already know how we already know that it wasn’t Ash!” Lyra suggested excitedly. “Lyra, stop with the nicknames, I feel like you just want to call me anything other than my name, but carrying on. I think I see what you mean.” Celeste said, seeming a little more confident. “Anyway, I’m going to go get something to drink,” Lyra said as she left the room to go down to the kitchen. Celeste sort of sighed in relief, knowing that there might be a way to prove Ash innocent if he really is. All of a sudden, there was a note in the window. Celeste had no idea when it got there, but when she noticed it and started reading, her feeling got worse and worse. The note read:

Redo: Part 1 It’s not going to be that easy for you to find out the truth. Oh, and before you start overthinking, you should probably go check on your sister down there. :) Celeste’s eyes widened as she went to run out of the door. The doorknob was hot, as if there were a fire, but she didn’t care since her sister was most likely in it. She used the black shirt that she was wearing to be able to grab the door without burning her hand. Celeste already sort of had breathing problems, but she rushed out to save Lyra. With how smokey the house got without her knowing, Celeste didn’t make it too far before collapsing. She tried crawling around to find Lyra, but by that point, she still could barely move to look for her. Just as she was about to pass out from all the smoke, some guy came up to her. He was just looking and laughing, but she couldn’t find out who. Knowing that the person who is most likely the criminal is right in front of her, she is furious that she can’t see his face clearly. “This voice, this laugh, they’re a little different now, but I still recognize them… They’re so familiar… Just who are you…? Why am I a target of anything?” Celeste just had thoughts like these running through her mind at that moment until she completely passed out. Celeste is laying her head on a desk as she regains consciousness and wakes up. She wakes up in a strange panic realizing where she is at the moment and why she’s here. “???? I’m-- This place is-- Nan Middle School??? To be continued...

Parker Interviews: Second Edition By Courtney R. Moore Welcome back to another edition of “Parker Interviews!” I’m so excited that the participant is none other than Mr. Gauna, the 7th-grade science teacher and coach to various sports at Parker. In this interview, I found some excellent aspects about him! Science Questions Question: What is your favorite type, or field of science? Mr. Gauna’s response: My favorite type of science is Astronomy, I had a dream of being an astronaut and traveling into space. I also love what I teach which is biology, but if Parker had an astronomy class I would definitely teach it. Question: Do you apply science to your everyday life? Mr. Gauna’s response: Yes, I do; it's a mixture of science and mathematics. For example, when cooking I know that the oven has to be a certain temperature in order to begin the process of cooking the food which is science. I also know that during this time in the world a microscopic organism such as a virus is making everyone sick so I disinfect my home in order to keep my family safe. Question: What do you like most about science? Mr. Gauna’s response: That it explains everything that happens in the world. That science is a universal language so to say that everyone can learn. Question: Would you rather be an astronomer or engineer? Why would you pick either profession? Mr. Gauna’s response: Astronomer, because I love space.

Parker Questions Question: Why do you participate in Parker’s extracurricular activities? What influences you to coach, or help with these clubs? Mr. Gauna’s response: What influences me to coach is my love of sports and just building those relationships with my players. I love to see them shy at first but as the season progresses they become more comfortable. I am also a strong advocate for Women’s sports. Having a daughter makes me fight for young ladies to have the same opportunities as young men. I would want my daughter to have a coach that fights just as hard as I do for my players. Question: What do you like most about Parker? Mr. Gauna’s response: What I love about Parker is that it is my dream school to teach at. I love interacting with my scholars and colleagues. There is never a dull day at Parker Junior High. I love teaching here and sharing my craziness with my scholars LOL. Now, you know the scoop about Mr. Gauna! Because of today’s circumstances, you could probably see him in class virtually, or even if games come up in the future. Thank you for reading and please hope for more future editions of “Parker Interviews!”

Winter Tastes By: Juan Ledesma Like all winter seasons, we have a specific flavor that we enjoy all winter long. Some people might enjoy a seasonal drink over edible delicacies, or vice versa. Below is a chart depicting what many said is their favorite seasonal flavor, as well as their second favorite. Here’s a quick look at a piece of Brief Holiday History: The first candy cane’s connection to Christmas comes from 1670, made by a German Choirmaster. He made this sweet so that the children would keep quiet during mass. He wanted to remind them of Christmas, so he made his candy canes into a 'J' shape like a shepherds crook, to remind them of the shepherds that visited the baby Jesus at the first Christmas. Today, there are 1.76 billion candy canes made each year.

The Parker Baseball Team By: Griffin Trobridge The Parker Baseball had a total of 3 wins and 5 loses. The MVP’s of the Parker Baseball Team were Cameron Williams, Arthur Stamps, and Mateo Munoz. Congratulations to them and to the entire team! COVID-19 Challenges On The Team The Parker Baseball Team was unable to take a full roster because of covid concerns. Due to the unique situation this year, they had fewer players than in past years. The team overcame this obstacle by including a 6th grade team for the first time.

Juneteenth by Nia Allen Juneteenth is the celebration of the day that American slaves were set free. The slaves were set free on June 19th, hence the name Juneteenth. Dating back to 1865, it was on June 19th that Union soldiers landed in Galveston, Texas, with news that the war had ended and the slaves were now free. This was two and a half years after President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, which had become official on January 1, 1863. Juneteeth is still celebrated to this day. This year especially, Juneteenth was celebrated very publicly because of all of the racial injustice that has been happening this year. It is important to celebrate Juneteenth because it makes African American struggles to feel important and it makes slavery a thing of the past. I hope that Juneteenth will become a national holiday, and there has been some talk about it becoming a national holiday very soon. But for right now, people all over America are celebrating Juneteenth proudly.

Thank you to our Parker writers and our readers! Enjoy the holiday break! Mr. Murphy and Mrs. Hayden

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