FACE THE CHANGE Contents 1 Go Electric 06 “The thirst for innovation is stronger than ever.” Where are e-mobility and CNG drives headed? Dr. Ulrich Eichhorn and Prof. Henning Kagermann discuss the most pressing issues. 12 Roadmap E: Full of energy! The Volkswagen Group is gathering speed as it heads towards the age of e-mobility. What can we expect? Here are some current milestones. 16 Smart future: Traffic in tomorrow’s world. How will people get from A to B in the future? The Futures of Mobility project developed scenarios for 2030+. 2 3 4 Connect with Consumers 28 Today a Bentayga, tomorrow a Continental GT. Bentley on Demand offers a luxury mobility solution for customers. The Bentley of their choice is delivered to their door. A report. 32 “The car will soon be our second home.” Michael Mauer, Head of Group Design at Volkswagen AG, explains the secret of the new freedom for car interiors. 38 A trunk full of new ideas. Volkswagen is building a big digital user platform. The We Deliver service is one element. We meet one of the testers. Act Sustainably 46 “Like playing chess at 200 kph.” World champion Lucas di Grassi explains why Formula E is so fascinating – and why it is the racing sport of the future. 54 Vision Zero: Safety is digital. The Volkswagen Group is reducing risks on the road and helping to prevent accidents. The solutions: intelligent networking and clever assistance systems. 58 Love life. A place for groundbreakers and role models who advocate a life without poverty, crime, and resignation. We visit a loveLife Centre in South Africa. Explore New Ways 68 Never forget the users. At the Volkswagen Group Future Center Europe in Potsdam, digital experts and designers are researching the mobility solutions of tomorrow. 74 The fabric of the future. Carbon fiber could play a key role in the electric vehicle era. Volkswagen Group engineers are carrying out pioneering work in this field. 78 “Integrity is everyone’s business.” An essay by Hiltrud Werner, member of the Board of Management for Integrity and Legal Affairs. 3

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