FACE THE CHANGE Editorial The Volkswagen Group 2018: From people. For people. E-mobility, autonomous driving, mobility as a service – the entire automotive industry is facing enormous challenges. With our “TOGETHER – Strategy 2025” program for the future, we have come up with convincing answers: we are making the Volkswagen Group more open and efficient, more innovative and customer-centric. The figures show we are on the right track. The Volkswagen Group delivered more vehicles in 2017 than ever before. And we are making rapid progress with “Roadmap E” – the most comprehensive electrification initiative in our industry. Notwithstanding these successes, it is also clear that realigning a company like Volkswagen takes time. It takes patience and stamina on the part of all involved. And we must learn to live with setbacks along the way. We will not allow ourselves to be discouraged by them. We will continue to devote all our energy to making the Volkswagen Group a leading provider of sustainable mobility. The magazine section of the Volkswagen Group Annual Report 2017 also reflects this spirit of change. The magazine has a new face – or to be more precise, many faces. Transparency and integrity, a team spirit and a zest for innovation are core values in our company, values that are lived and shaped by our employees day in, day out. Their opinion counts – irrespective of hierarchy or field of expertise. That is why we asked colleagues from different continents and departments to share their views on important mobility issues with us for this magazine. Their statements and portraits are both the leitmotif of this issue, and a symbol of our sense of a new beginning. Jennifer Wittmann and Servet Çelik feature on the cover pages. Wittmann is an Executive Assistant at MOIA in Berlin, Çelik is an Enterprise Architect at Volkswagen IT Sales & Marketing in Wolfsburg. “Face the change” is the motto of the 2018 magazine. It is a twofold motto. On the one hand, it expresses our firm resolve to tackle change together. And on the other, it reminds us that good, genuine, sustainable change always comes from people, for people. We hope you find this magazine enjoyable and informative. 1

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