BEST PRACTICES SHARED IDEAS GENERATED QUESTIONS ANSWERED 1/21 TECH TIPS hosted by Peter Urban & Charles Castiglia The pandemic may have moved up our plans to update the technology we use in our funeral homes, but tech goes beyond the streaming of services. From arrangement conferences to day sheets, how you harness technology can impact your productivity, reduce errors and just make life easier. 2/18 The return of Virtual Round Tables at OGR.org now monthly Register today at OGR.org/Virtual-Roundtables MARKETING YOUR FUNERAL HOME hosted by Jim Rudolph & Andrew Loos Even with COVID restrictions, safety concerns and limited budgets, there are still ways to promote your funeral home. Social media, community events and Google reviews are some of the areas that will be touched on. There is nothing better than getting free, positive publicity so get 2021 started with an updated marketing plan. 3/18 BALANCING THE 2 FAMILIES YOU SERVE WHILE NOT LOSING YOURSELF IN THE PROCESS hosted by Jamie Wieting & Cathie Tattrie When days get busy it can leave you wondering how you can be all things to all people, including yourself. Between the families you serve at the funeral home and the family you love at home it is easy to get overwhelmed trying to balance it all. Bring your tips, trials and tribulations and let’s devise a plan for better balance. Interested in a session but not able to attend? Send your questions to Nancy Weil at NWeil@OGR.org and she can ask them on your behalf. Each session will be recorded so you can watch when your schedule allows.

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