Top Challenges and Solutions for Managing Your Business on Social Media by Mike Hepburn, YourSocialStrategy.com I t’s part of our daily lives. We check what our friends and family are up to, keep up to date on news or entertainment, and yes, even check in on our favorite companies. What started as a virtual social gathering space has evolved into an advertising tool for businesses to grow and engage with their customers. But it’s not always the easiest marketing tool to navigate, especially for small businesses, and especially in the funeral industry. Have you ever considered turning to a digital marketing approach utilizing social media? We’ve heard many complaints over the years, and we’ve gathered some of the top challenges businesses face when trying to manage a social media strategy and offer some simple solutions to help get you on track. Challenge #1: Time One of the toughest issues that arise for many businesses, especially in the funeral profession, is the lack of available time to dedicate toward social media and digital marketing. When your time is divided between families and business, the time necessary for a successful social strategy is put to the wayside. 12 www.ogr.org | Winter 2021 SOLUTION: Dedicating even just an hour a week to setting up a few posts across social media, updating what your business and staff have been up to, and to answer any comments/questions will go a long way. With scheduling tools (even free ones), it makes it much easier to schedule ahead of time to keep up to date. Challenge #2: The overwhelming number of social platforms I don’t know about you, but I personally can be overwhelmed with how many social media apps are floating around every year. Some come and go (beware of those fad apps!) while others stay the course; it’s a constant job just to keep track of them all and predict which are the important ones to invest in. Do you know which social channel best suits your business and demographic, and which apps not to get blindsided by? Elevating your digital marketing strategy with social media is all about finding the right avenue to get your message across and how. Facebook is a front-runner in advertising, while LinkedIn is superior for B2B. Have a visual aesthetic? Instagram is the one for you. So how exactly do you navigate the sea of apps?

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