Feature Articles 3 Departments 2 9 Volunteering, Most of us are Volunteers in the Society. Even those few who receive a “Paycheck” for what they do, also Volunteer. From those who work at the O’Susquehanna Mine to those who maintain our equipment. I’ve seen the “Teenagers” who came out years ago to make a few bucks stay on and continue to help giving up their weekends in the process, that says a lot. We each have our own reason for coming out from wanting to play with that big “Lionel Set” to wanting to learn what it takes to run, how to fix or just what makes it tick. Some just like to work on the RofW to keep it open or to help push it further South. I hope each of you reading this, takes some time to think about why you are a Volunteer, who got you started, who nurtured you. Was it a Friend, a Parent or Grand Parent? Was it because you had a Family member who worked for the Railroad? Was it you just wanted to spend time with a loved one or a Spouse? If you are like me it was several things and the memory always make me smile. Volunteering is what makes us the success we are and I thank each and every one of you for being “Part of the Family”. Good things are happening! As always there are a ton of things to do and so little time to do them. Your help will make it happen. Come out and give an hour or a day, it all helps. Ongoing work in 2017 & 2018. Work on the Coaches Work on the M1. Brush/tree cutting along the ROW Work in the Station Area There are a few new things coming in 2018, but more on that in a future issue! As always, my “door” is always open to you, our members. President John Stocker 2 The Blair Trail Robert Kopperhaver President’s Message John Stocker Maintenance of Way Don Chaudruc 10 Bel-Del News in pictures 12 Maywood Station Historical Committee Ed Kaminski 13 18 From The Current Time Table Ralph Bonanno Shop Talk Martin Den Bleyker Covers Front: NYSW #3014 on the SU-99 in Maywood NJ taken on October 28, 2012 Photo: Ed Kaminski Rear Top: Delaware River Railroad Excursions in Carpentersville, New Jersey September of 2017. Photo: Photo: Chris Cotty Rear Bottom: : NYSW Symbol #550 is seen heading east at Shahola, Pennsylvania in October of 1995 with NYSW 3614, Delaware Lackawanna 4740, and NYSW 3612 leading. Joe Geronimo

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