progress of any movements on the mainline. These detectors are radio alarm type, and broadcast over the road channel in use, AAR 025, 162.485 MHz. Over the course of the summer, owing to track work on the Middletown & New Jersey’s Hudson Secondary between Warwick and Campbell Hall, NY, NYSW road train SU 100 detoured via NJ Transit between CP Hudson Jct (Where they normally turn onto the Hudson Secondary to Warwick) and Passaic Jct (BT on NJ Transit) on July 20. The train picked up pilots at Campbell Hall, and then traversed the line east under the cover of darkness, arriving at home rails between 530 and 6 AM on the morning of the 20th. Power was 4 SD60’s. there were rumors that the 99 might also operate the same way, but they did not pan out as the trackwork was completed in time and the train went west via its normal routing. I was going to attempt to explain the current OK Folks, it’s that time again; time to try and summarize the goings on at our favorite railroad. It’s been a while since the last column, so relax and read while I attempt to summarize some of what’s been happening in recent months. There’s a fair amount of news this time around, so let’s get going…… OPERATIONS Plenty of news this time around, so let’s see where to begin. There has been plenty of activity in the capital improvements department this year. There have been a multitude of grade crossing upgrades on the Southern Division (and some on the Northern Division, too), as well as the installation in several areas of welded rail, ties, and ballast. On the Southern Division, welded rail was laid out and installed on the North Bergen Industrial track east of the CSX Intermodal yard in Little Ferry. Previously, welded rail was installed only as far east as the 83rd the way to the end of track at the Marion interchange in Jersey City, MP 3.70. RJ Corman was the contractor who did the actual installation. The original stick rail was then removed, and placed into waiting gondolas for final disposition. Also, several other stretches of mainline track had welded rail installed/replaced. This included some spots in Paterson, West Oakland NJ, as well as a few curves between Sparta Jct and Warwick, NY. This year also saw the reopening of the Utica line in its entirety, plus the installation of new ties in many locations. Several light engine moves between Utica and Binghamton were made, as well as a tie train to drop new ties along the line in several locations. As most know, there were several washouts along the line south of Sherburne and north of Greene. The county and state paid for the rehabilitation, with the intent of long term development of new industry in several locations along the line. On the Southern Division, several new defect detectors were installed and made operational earlier this year. These are located on the main line at Maywood (MP 15), Franklin Lakes (MP 29), Smith Mills (MP 39), Stockholm/Hardyston (MP 51), Sparta (MP 62) and Warwick, NY (MP 83). So now, those who follow the railroad by radio can follow the 13 assignments on the Southern Division, but as they are in a constant state of refinement and change, it would be outdated by the time you are reading this. One interesting note in this regard, is that there is (at press time) a 5 AM job at Ridgefield Park symbolled WS-0 (as in zero). It’s believed this is the result of an inside joke by someone. And speaking of inside jokes, as I mentioned above, the NYS&W detoured via NJ Transit in July. During this period, with the 100/99 crew in the hotel, there was still the need to move freight. So, an extra was run between Ridgefield Park/Bogota and Warwick NY and return with hot cars to drop and pick up at Sparta as well as interchange with the M&NJ in Warwick. The road crew was called from the hotel and made this “Warwick turn” with the normal road train power. However, owing to a prankster on the railroad (and you know who you are), they got “creative”, and the train operated as an extra (unscheduled) road train, using the symbol SU-X. Yep, you read that right; SU-X. After the round trip was completed, the road crew went back into the hotel, took rest, and then eventually went home on the SU 99 as normally done. As for traffic in general, the SU 100 and 99 still street crossing in North Bergen. This year saw welded rail installed east of 83rd street, all interchange with the M&NJ, but no longer in Warwick by Jones Chemical as had been done in the past. Instead, a new runaround siding track was installed near Hudson Jct, just below the connection to the Hudson Secondary at CP Hudson Jct. Its located adjacent to the Sarah Wells Trail road crossing and is approx. 3000’ in length and has been in use for some time. Speaking of the M&NJ, and this ties into the NYS&W, a new propane transload facility has been opened up near Montgomery NY on the M&NJ line north of Campbell Hall, towards Walden, NY. They have two tracks and are now receiving cars on a daily basis. Some of this new traffic comes in via the NS from Croxton, whose train H70 drops in Campbell hall. Other traffic is handled by the NYS&W, and in order to have cars in position for the opening day of the facility in September of this year, the NYSW ran an SU 100 east on Labor Day evening, an exception to the normal holiday train annulment. The move and delivery of the cars was made without incident. This should provide some additional traffic for the NYSW over the long term, even though some cars come via NS. As for the road trains themselves, they are running as usual on their well established schedule of Sun-Tues-Thurs for the SU-100 and Mon-Wed-Fri for the SU-99. The departure time for the 99 from Bogota NJ is contingent on when the inbound SU-100 crew goes off duty. Most times they are back on duty at about 4 PM, but owing to a variety (Continued on page 14)

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