Westbound SU 99 at Smoke Rise, Kinnelon, NJ May 2016 Ferry, and then get sent west on the SU-99. The rest of the Southern Division assignments, the “WS” crews are working as usual, with the one exception being the afternoon intermodal crew, the WS-3. The start time for this job was adjusted to reflect some changes in the CSX traffic into and out of the Little Ferry intermodal terminal. Over the summer, CSX started a new Atlanta to Quebec intermodal train, Q192/193. Both trains set off and pick up at Little Ferry. As a result, the Q004 which on Thursdays would set off UPS traffic and the Q002, the hotshot UPS train from Chicago, also on Thursdays, have been adjusted to do their work at North Bergen instead. The outbound traffic of Q003 and the once a week Q001 are running from Little Ferry as they have in the past. And in a reflection of the economy, traffic has remained steady if nothing else. The 100’s and 99’s, while sometimes smaller, are still running regularly with decent sized trains and the locals all have plenty of work to keep themselves busy. MOTIVE POWER REPORT Things haven’t been too quiet in this department either. The 14 two SD33ECO units, the 3012 and 3016 are performing their duties as intended. Usually one will be assigned to the WS-4, the job that goes east to North Bergen and Jersey City, and the other one is usually assigned to one of the other local crews. The other power, that is the NS and CSX leased units can be found on both divisions. September and October found the NS 5291 and 5294 assigned to the Northern Division for a while. The CSX units are also rotated. A recent addition has been CSX GP38-2 2645, replacing a similar unit out of service for some traction motor repairs/work. The SD40’s, the 3022 and 3018 have made several round trips to and from Jersey on the SU-100/99’s to supplement the SD60’s. And speaking of which….. The SD60’s are earning their keep on the road trains as usual. However, they have been rotated into and out of the NS shops in East Binghamton for the installation of cab signals and PTC software, which will be needed primarily between CP SPARROW west of Port Jervis and Hudson Jct. If you look closely at the cab roof, you can see the antennas and such which have been installed. It not known if they have been tested other than (Continued on page 15)

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