T he best way to show what's going on around the railroad is with pictures! Here are some pictures of the work. Left to right, top to bottom: 1. After winning a long battle with Pohatcong Township our Susquehanna Mine has been completely rebuilt. This picture is from the very top of the sluice run. 2. Everything at the mine was moverd180 degrees. Here we see ongoing construction. 3. Dylan Vieytes and a young passenger on The Polar Express. 4. Member April “Doc” Koschker carved “Billy Bear” in memory of member Bill Doran. Billy Bear got a new cement base this year. 6. Chuck Hoering and Les Coleman working on the caboose hop during the Milford Alive event. 7. Engineer (trainman) Frank Capalbo, in the Christmas spirit, on The Polar Express. 8. Families coming to board The Polar Express. 9. Engineer Wayne Jennings on The Great Pumpkin Train. 10. The staff of the Ol’ Susquehanna mine, Sam, Martin, Alecia and Miles. 11. Santa Chuck Hoering on the Polar Express. 12. The new mine is really quite a spectacle. It has various water features, and really out does the old setup. 13. With a rebuilt mine our fall trips were the most successful ever. Here we see the crowds awaiting to return on the next Great Pumpkin Train. 14. Greg Ruch and Keegan Forke getting the steam locomotive ready for the days work.

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