to Thomas. Another place we’re treading water is our concession cars. The paint used on 500 has consistently dried with black spots due to the tint failing. The paint company had offered restitution for this but a final paint coat has yet to be applied. Meanwhile, 501 still awaits metal work on the end vestibule decks and panels before it can even hold up a paint job. For some reason, finding a metal worker for this job has been utterly fruitless. Until that work is done, electrical work and moving the snack bar into it is on hold. This means finishing the floor and replacing the seats in M-1 is also on hold until the snack bar is removed from it. A slow mechanical report leaves me more room for T here’s actually not a lot to report since the last issue. We been treading water a bit – something that’s expected to change soon - but here’s the latest report. The winter 2015 maintenance program for 142 called for some thirty stay bolts to be replaced according to the ultrasound and that was done. Then enters the conundrum of the lack of a decent shop. The shop can’t be considered a “heated” building, since that would mean heat that runs itself and not require someone to stoke a wood stove constantly, so filling the boiler with water is not an option before the last freeze. You know when the first freeze will happen but you can’t know the last one. This was emphasized by the second harsh winter in a row. While this one started late, it also finished late with a short spring to follow. When the boiler was filled and pressurized, four other staybolts leaked and needed replacement so, start the process again and 142’s 2015 debut was held back until June. It did, in fact, get unnervingly close operational things. Thomas the Tank Engine came along the second and third weeks of July and there was only one 90 degree day, ironically on the second weekend. Ironic as we moved it one week later last year to get out of the normally two hottest weekends but then again, the 4th fell on the first Saturday anyway; another reason it was moved last year. Thomas saw an increase in ridership this year but frankly, has become a bit routine now. That brings us up to August. It seemed that dinosaurs just weren’t cutting it so a new venue was explored for a special event to replace it. We came in contact with a group of Renaissance Faire organizers and while there was still snow on the ground, we had them up for an inspection of the property via a caboose ride. Plans were drawn up for a Renaissance Faire on the station grounds while a train ride to the Kilns provided a backdrop we called “the ruins of Kilns Castle” for King Arthur’s Tournament. This is something we were looking forward to with great anticipation. As with any new event, it was not to be routine. The station grounds were home to rows of craft vendors, food and stages for several acts that included comedy, gymnastics, music and laying on a bed of nails. The Knight Train transformed our pumpkin patch into a theater . The New Jersey Renaissance Faire worked in partnership with us to make this quite an event! 18

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