T he best way to show what's going on around the railroad is with pictures! Here are some pictures of the work. Left to right, top to bottom: 1. Hank Webber turned 70! At the November 14th general meeting we celebrated Hank Webbers birthday with some surprise guests, Wes Camp and Ross Rowland. 2. At the Ol’ Susquehanna Mine it turns out we have a real archeological dig! Temple University has found many Indian artifacts from thousands of years ago! 3. For many years Bill Lammers has overseen the whole Great Pumpkin train pumpkin patch operation. In appreciation of his hard work we awarded him a silver pumpkin! 4. this year we added a huge, 40 foot tall Christmas tree to the station grounds. 5. The line is finally getting extended to Riegelsville. Here ties are being deposited for insertion. 6. A truck full of Christmas. Moving the many decorations we have to the storage car. 7. Greg blowing down the locomotive during The Great Pumpkin Train. 8. In October the feature film “The Broken Ones” was filmed at Lehigh Junction. 9. In September Martin, Dylan and Chris installed a new security system with 8 HD cameras. 10. #142 has been put into the engine house and winter repairs have begun. 11. This year we created a huge lighted Christmas tree out of the water tower at the mine. Here Dylan is wiring it up. 12. January 16th was spent getting firewood for the shop stove. Wood provided by falling trees on ROW. Thanks to Gary, Dylan, Don Gardner, Don Young, and John Wiese. 13. Devin is busy at work doing demolition work on the 501 which is soon to be our new snack car. Once the 501 is completed we can finally reassemble the M-1 which is currently being used as our snack car.

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