Feature Articles 3 Departments 2 6 Spanning The Gap President’s Message John Stocker Lights, Camera…. Martin DenBleyker 10 Bel-Del News 12 Maywood Station Historical Committee Ed Kaminski Hi all, Well it’s 2015 and I’m sitting here writing this while it’s snowing outside. As I sit here, my mind wanders off to a warm summers day and the smell of coal smoke mixed with steam, and the soft panting of 142 sitting on the main ready to take the next train south. Hurry up summer! We have some new and exciting things in the works that will happen this year. That along with the “normal” excursions we run, will make for a interesting year. Now is the time to come out and help us get ready for the new season. 2015 is when the film “Figs For Italo” is scheduled to release and our 142 and coaches are the train in the movie. Last year marked the first time we ran a Polar train on a Friday. This was necessary because of demand for tickets. A special thanks goes out to all who worked to make our Polar and the whole year the success it was. As always there are a ton of things to do and so little time to do them. Your help will make it happen. Come out and give an hour or a day, it all helps. Upcoming work in 2015. Working on the coaches Getting the M1 ready for service. Getting the 501 ready for service. Brush cutting along the ROW. Work in the Station Area. Looking to extend our tracks further South. Come on out to help make 2015 a great year for our Society! As always, my “door” is always open to you, our members. President, John Stocker 2 13 18 From The Current Time Table Ralph Bonanno Shop Talk Martin Den Bleyker Covers Front: NYSW #142 at Bairds Farm during one of our Fall Foliage trips, many years ago Rear Top: NYSW 3010 on the SU-100 in Ridgefield Park on 12-10-10 Photo: Ed Kaminski Rear Bottom: The SU-99 in Rochelle Park at Saddle River Road on 2-16-15. Photo: Kevin Quinn

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