Then, in a move that surprised most, the Westbound trash train detour Q710 departing Ridgefield Park, NJ August 2014 not sure where to begin, but here goes. This past summer found several changes among the company’s motive power roster. First off (and in no particular order of importance), the railroad scrapped several locomotives. Among those scrapped were the three GP20’s, acquired with the operations of the TP&W several years back, and retained after giving up that operation. GP20’s 2062, 2064, and 2066, all of AT&SF lineage were scrapped in Binghamton in July by a local contractor. The other sad news (for railfans at least) was that F45 3636 was finally scrapped this summer in Utica NY, along with ex-NS high hood SD40 3020, and GP40 3042, ex NS 1355. The 3636 had a long and illustrious career on the NYS&W and was the last of its model in regular service east of the Mississippi when a catastrophic mechanical failure forced it into retirement where it was cannibalized for parts over several years in Utica, NY. The 3020 was a high hood, ex- NS SD40 acquired with what became the 3018 and 3022, both active on the roster as low nose SD40’s as of press time. SD70M’s became the next three units to leave the roaster, but not by the scrapper’s torch. Rather, the NS acquired all three units as part of their ongoing program of picking up second hand high HP road units for their own use. They became NS 2779, 2780, and 2781 upon their return to service. In early September they were handed off to the NS and transported to Enola PA. Since then, they were moved to Altoona PA and placed in the Juniata locomotive shop for evaluation and eventual rebuilding. The SD70s, purchased in 1995, ran for several years on home rails before being leased out on a long term arrangement with the Indiana & Ohio Railroad who ran them pretty much into the ground for several years. They then returned home and sat unused (after a few runs) until the NS decided to take them. It’s been rumored that a deal was struck with the NS in which they will install PTC and cab signals in the SD60s in return for the acquisition of the 70’s. It makes the story interesting, if that’s the case. And the NYS&W will need to equip their road units with PTC and cab signals soon, as NJT/MetroNorth plans on installing the technology on the Southern Tier between Campbell hall NY and Port Jervis, NY (This was discussed in greater detail in an earlier Reflector column). As for the rest of the roster these days, the rumor mill was in high gear again over the summer, as stories surface stating the railroad was planning to reactivate SD45’s 3618 and 3634. They sent two of the 4 SD40T-2 “tunnel motor” locomotives out to be rebuilt with more Eco-friendly prime movers. As of press time, there hasn’t been any more news on these items of interest, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s not going to or cannot happen. In a related sidebar to the above, the railroad leased three Progress Rail (PRLX) GP38-2’s to pick up the slack while the T-2’s are getting worked on. The railroad finds itself in a position of needing whatever power it can get it hands on these days owing to the traffic upswing, and as it’s a customer service based company, the better they can deliver the goods to their customers, the better for all involved. As for the rest of the roster, currently (at press time) the following units are assigned to NJ: NS 5291, 5294; CSXT 2732, 2782, and NYSW 3016, and all are getting a good workout these days. I’m missing info on what’s assigned up on the Northern Division, aside from long time Utica holddown 3040, so if any info can be passed along for next time please let me know. As for the SD60’s, they are certainly earning their keep on the road trains between SyracuseBinghamton-Ridgefield park on the SU-100 and 99’s these days. And in a bow to new technology, SD60 3810 is the first road unit to have cameras installed. One is facing outward from the cab end, and the other outward facing camera is on the conductor’s side, rear end, above the number board. It’s expected, like with the other railroads that have installed cameras, these will greatly aid in the investigations of grade crossing and trespasser accidents. It’s expected the rest of the fleet will eventually have this technology installed as well. Westbound SU 99 at Hawthorne, NJ April 2014 Photo Credit: Marc Hamon 15 (Continued on page 17)

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