+++ +++ +++++++ It +++ +++ +++ ’s been a busy winter working on our equipment. Each year we have to work much of the winter just to get ready for the coming season. The thousands of people we carry each year, really put a toll on our historic equipment. This year we are rebuilding the interiors of two of our coaches. This entails removing all the seats and seat frames, removing the tile and fixing all rotten areas of the wooden sub floor. Once the new flooring is installed, the whole process is reversed! The Winery Train car has been spruced up with carpeting, while the 530 has a new rubber floor which is specially made for transit applications. Each year the steam locomotive gets an extensive amount of work performed on her by our shop crew. This year we will be doing work on the boiler, rebuilding the air compressor and reverser as well as rewiring the electrical system. Here are some pictures of the work. Left to right, top to bottom: 1. Noah Conrad ripping the rotten floor up in the 530, preparing for a new floor. 2. The 531 after being completely refurbished. This is the Wine Train car and now is carpeted! 3. Keegan Forke prepares the outside of the firebox. 4. CMO Gary Matthews inspects the stay bolts INSIDE of the boiler! 5. Steve James works on rewiring the cab of #142. 6. the whole crew busy stripping the floor in the 531. 7. Kurt Christenson preparing the exterior of the firebox. 8. Keith Cadigan busy heat treating pins. 9. Chad Hubler cleaning the scale off the front end, inside the smoke box. 10. Don Young and Don Gardner working of the water glass valves. 11. the new rubber flooring in the 530. 12. Dylan Vieyles and Wayne Nilsen removing paint from the Plymouth #18’s door. 12. CMO Matthews takes ultrasonic thickness tests while Mat Horning records the results (inside the firebox).

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