As always things have been quite busy. After The Polar Express, train operations took some time off, and maintenance work picked up! While the steam crew has been eagerly working on #142 in anticipation of springtime and the coming of “steam” the rest of us have been busy working on the coaches. Car 530 had the tiles coming up off the floor and many of the seats were loose as well. We lag bolted all the seats in place and re-glued down all of the tiles. One of the biggest projects was the repainting of the Gift Shop. All of the contents of the shop has to be removed and it was shipped off to Topton PA to be painted. It made its debut on The Easter Bunny Train Ride. The color is much brighter than we are used to but it represents the historical NYS&W red which just happens to also be the red of Stevens Institute of Technology. Above: The Polar Express had some beautiful snowy nights this year. Just enough to make it beautiful, but not dangerous. Top Left: Dylan Vieyles working of #142 valve lubricating lines. Top right: Devin Stasak working with Don Young to reassemble the cab appliances on #142. Bottom left: Our gift shop makes its first appearance in Susquehanna red during The Easter Bunny Train Ride. 8

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