Feature Articles 3 Departments 2 8 10 Hi All, It’s hard to believe we are celebrating our 25th year. Who could have thought that small band of dedicated Volunteers who came together a quarter century ago with a desire to “play with real Trains” would grow into the Great Society we have now. From those humble beginnings we have gone from a one car operation to the collection of equipment we now have. From running one car Santa Trains to the Polar Express trains we now run that sell out in less than two days and require two Santa’s to run. To having Thomas the Tank Engine and now the Dinosaur Trains. And we are always looking to expand! We have been in Films and are known all around the Railroad community. Not bad for that small group. Along the way we have made a great number of friends and sadly lost too many of our friends who will not be forgotten. As always there are tons of things to do and so little time to do them. Your help will make it happen. Come out and give an hour or a day, it all helps. Upcoming work in 2014. Getting the M1 ready for service. Getting the 501 ready for service. Brush cutting along the right of way. Work in the Station Area Let’s continue to work together and make 2014 a Great Year for our Society! As always, my “door” is always open to you, our members. Here’s to another 25 YEARS! President John Stocker The Polar Express at night. 2 Happenings At The Station Harold Fredericks President’s Message John Stocker Bel-Del News Harold Fredericks– Honored Rich Onorevole 13 Maywood Station Historical Committee Ed Kaminski 14 18 From The Current Time Table Ralph Bonanno Shop Talk Martin Den Bleyker Covers Front: NYSW 3810 on the SU-99 in Bagota NJ on 3-813. Photo: Ed Kaminski Rear Top: NYSW #3810 on the SU-99 at Butler NJ on 4-16-14. Photo: Kevin Quinn Rear Bottom: The NYSW 3014 at Maywood NJ on 2-05-14. Photo: Ed Kaminski

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