We gained a bit more mileage each even year since, now up to 7-1/2 miles, but the plan was always to reach Riegelsville, 1.2 mile yet to go. But as we gained mileage, we also got more inventive. With the 2005 release of The Polar Express, our Christmas trains made a rather radical change starting in 2006 when we were licensed by Warner Brothers to run trains themed to the movie. In 2013, we put tickets on sale August 1st and sold out 28 trips August 2nd. In 2010, another movie, Becoming Santa, was partially filmed on the Polar Express. In 2011, a James Franco film, Black Dog, Red Dog was filmed on the railroad with many of our members as extras. We are still waiting for release of that film. We now also have Thomas the Tank Engine and the Dinosaur Train themes while our traditional Easter trips and pumpkin trains in October continue to thrive. All told, we now attract over 150,000 riders a year making us the biggest tourist attraction in Warren County. Sorry Hot Dog Johnny’s. Now remember, I cover Mechanical and Operational departments in this column. I haven’t touched upon 25 years of the Reflector, our calendar, Maywood Station and more of the diversity of our Society. Yes, we’ve come a long way. It has come to the point that nothing seems out of reach and I won’t make limits when I speculate on what the next 25 years hold. It’s done with the dedication of our members and the desire to be more than just another railfan group. And it’s just plain fun! My inbox is always open. Email Mechanical@nyswths.org for instructions on how to help us write the history of the next quarter century. Right two photos: Over the winter work was done on the LIRR passenger cars. Many of the seats were loose and had to be re-bolted to the floor. Almost every seat and most of the tiles had to be removed and re-attached. Many of the seats were re-upholstered as well. As our cars age, they need more work. Its easy and fun work that anyone can do, regardless of their mechanical skills. We are looking to put together a permanent “car shop” of members who want to work on the equipment. Come give a hand! 19 Our newest addition! This is a mulching brush cutter with a reach of 31 feet from center of track. We will now be able to assure our train and our passengers are not damaged by tree branches!

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