The Morris County Central #18 is currently under restoration and will be in service at the Carpentersville Shop facility in the near future. ly, a babbit is a soft metal liner to a larger brass bearing meant to take the wear, and they did. There was also an issue in the driving boxes with lubrication. I’m glossing over the engine a bit this issue, but I’ve made it plain in the past how much maintenance is required to be one of the few people still running steam. Certainly, it should be noted we are not sitting still. We make improvements to the cars, the engines, the track and the stations. But all these improvements depend on our volunteers. So while we admire our accomplishments, we also lament the time it’s taking to do them. That could easily change if more of our members came out and put in a little time on the project of their choice. If you’ve ever used a broom, screwdriver, shovel, chain saw or lathe, you can help. You should know by now how to get involved. Email Mechanical@nyswths.org for instructions if you don’t! Our NYSW M-1 in Whippany, New Jersey. Photo: Rich Onorevole 19

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