The pride of the Society has always been, from the beginning, the Mechanical Department, whose goal has always been to, as closely as possible, restore equipment to the condition it was in when delivered by its manufacturer. Both the technical and historical aspects are there, through displaying this equipment to the public. Although most of the original people involved in the 1990-92 M-1 rebuild aren’t as active any more, it was still back to our roots getting it ready for the public again. Hmm, history repeating itself? When the Delaware River Railroad Excursions started in 2004, it adopted a graphic logo with 142 and the Delaware Turtle prominent upon it. After the Turtle’s two-summer reign, it was replaced on the logo with the M-1. While it played little role in its prior single year here (2004), we are looking forward to a 2012 season that integrates it into the schedule. And with the track work creeping slowly toward Riegelsville, 2012 is shaping up to be a good season. And a quick note about the Susquehanna Seebees making an appearance. Our “B” department had two notable developments in Riegelsville. Firstly, we applied for a grant to rebuild the station as it appeared in the 1950’s, but we were denied, not that we didn’t qualify, there were just too many applicants for the available funds in 2011. The second is an old warehouse on railroad property near to there. In February we took the first step in converting it into our new repair facility. Ultimately, this will require cleanup, electric work, pointing and an extension over a track or two laid next to the building for an enginehouse, but another historic building will be put back to use. A bigger facility is needed with this partial list of the projects in progress or planned: 142 winter maintenance M-1 repair 501 snack car electrical conversion and cosmetic repair Power car conversion Flat car decking, railing and seats Paint jobs for all cars M-2 restoration Platform improvements at Lehigh Junction and Mine stations Once again, I will remind all that this, while not the only, is the most active part of our Society and we can always use more help both in the shop and the train operation. As you can see from the list above, what we need is labor. It is sometimes tiring, sometimes filthy, but always rewarding work and our members’ time is the most valuable resource we have. The satisfaction of seeing M-1, glistening in new paint and ready to run, is all the more gratifying when one has a part in it; in 1992 or 20 years later. No experience necessary, just contact Mechanical@nyswths.org to get involved. - The Plymouth #18 (Ex Morris County Central) undergoing restoration Photo: Dylan Vieytes 19

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