career on the NYS&W out of Binghamton. Jim was one of the very few people I know of that it was very difficult to speak of in less than complimentary terms. He seemed to have a permanent smile on him, and even if things didn’t go as planned at work, he still maintained his composure more than most people would. There was no mistaking his voice on the radio, and he always had a smile and a wave for those trackside. The railroad honored him for his years of service with a retirement dinner, and I’m sorry I missed it. Jim now enjoys his retirement free from the phone calls for work and just as importantly, the stays in the Capri hotel. Jim was one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, and it sure was a pleasure to know him, even though we never worked together. Here’s hoping he enjoys many years of retirement. He earned it ! Ad Multos Annos !!! MOTIVE POWER UPDATE I’m glad to report there is news this time around. By now, its well known the railroad is getting several “new” (as in rebuilt from the frame up) locomotives. These are EMD SD60 models, 3800 HP, six axle locomotives, and are former GATX, nee-EMD “Oakway Leasing” units. As this was being written, the first locomotive in the “fleet”, 3810, has been delivered to home rails from CSX in Syracuse NY with a second unit, 3808 still undergoing testing. The locomotives are being rebuilt in Paducah, KY by VMV, a significant rebuilder of locomotives in the railroad industry. The units will be numbered in the 3800 series (in keeping with past practice of assigning numbers by HP), and will be numbered 3800 - 3810. Once delivered to the NYS&W, they will be “set up” for service. That is, they will have seats, radio, telemetry receiver, GPS, auto start all installed, as well as being filled with fluids above the minimal levels required for shipment from VMV. They will also be inspected, prior to being placed into service, and a GATX technician will be on property to ensure the delivery and placement into service goes without incident. The railroad is making significant capital investment into these units and plans on ensuring all goes smoothly because of that investment. Expect these units to be testing near and around Bing(Continued on page 17) The first of six former Oakway SD60's rebuilt by VMV for the Susquehanna seen here at Paducah KY. Photo Joe Ferguson. 16

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