This year we also added a second Bunny, since the train was 3 cars longer, and both (Devin Stasik and Derek Angell) delighted young and old alike with their dancing and happy ways. Along with the Banjo player and Juggler, there was plenty of activity to keep everyone entertained. Regular Season A s reported in the last Reflector, there has been plenty of activity working on our passenger cars. The future snack car 501, M-2 and M-4 finally arrived on the BelDel, but not in time to get into service for Polar Express. Since we needed a snack car, the M-1 was pressed into temporary service. Joe Trench finished installing a new marine grade plywood floor, then built a new snack counter, which will eventually be transferred into the 501 once the rehab work is done. Until then the M-1 is our snack car (see picture). Once the 501 is in service, the M-1 will then be restored as a passenger car and put back into service for the Winery Train, as a deluxe coach and for special events. Work will continue throughout the season on the regular coaches, as seats need repair, the car body and vestibules need body work and paint, and floor tiles need replacing. Dylan Vieytes has been busy sanding, pr iming and painting the vestibules. Wayne Nilsen has been busy rebuilding the Plymouth #18, ex Morris County Central (see picture in Shop Talk Section). A few of the long time members of the NYSWTHS came from the old MCC so she is very an important part of our history. Don Chadruc has been busy working on his 45 tonner, and leading crews to replace the missing 150 feet of rail in Holland and brush cut all the way to Milford in an effort to reclaim the south end of the line. Work has also begun in Reigelsville to grade and plan trackwork for the run around and shop area. Gary Matthews has secured the building and started to use it for long term storage. Polar Express We had another banner year on the Polar Express, completely selling out 28 trips and sending over 17,000 riders home happy. The new snack car and gift cars were great additions, and with them separated kept the crowds and lines to a minimum, which also helped sales increase by 10% over 2010. The service hutch that was added to the snack car proved to be a tremendous help in prepping and distributing the hot chocolate and cookies to the children. This season also saw the addition of 2 new Santa’s to the SSS( Susquehanna Santa Society), Mike McCann and Chuck Hoernig. They both spent a day trailing Santa and learning the ropes, then donned the suit to the delight of one and all. Both reported they totally enjoyed the experience, and promised to return and do it again next season. Easter Chris Cotty spent a lot of time promoting our Easter trips, and the results are in the seats. This year saw a 10% increase in riders for Easter, making it necessary to add the bilevels to the train. Without them the trains would have been packed like a can of sardines. Again, the gift car and snack car proved invaluable, and that was reflected in sales. 10 The regular season has begun, and to date ridership on the Winery train is up. The 142 will make its debut Memorial Day weekend, and passed its FRA inspection with flying colors. It should be mentioned here too that the BRW’s 60 has also passed its hydro inspection and could see service soon. Work has been done at the mine to upgrade and improve the exploding mine shaft, and plans are being made for upgrades to the station area for our Days Out With Thomas. It all points to another banner year on the BelDel. Promotions Student Engineer – Nick Zisa, and Steve James Student Conductors – Larry Gross, Bob Smith, Joe Hart Bunnies Devin Stasak (l) and Derek Angell( r) consulting on bunny business during the 2012 Easter Bunny Train Ride and Egg Hunt

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