Top: Two views of the new interior. The top left picture is actually taken from the hallway looking in. There are two very large windows in the hallway so our passengers can view all the goodies we have for sale. The custom shelf system is made of 100% maple hardwoods, no cheesy particle board here. The car now has much more storage space as well. Below: In this picture the photographers back is to the new storage area which spans the width of the gift car. The storage area has a secret back door so you can add stock without disturbing customers in the store. In this view down the length of the store you can see there is up to three feet more interior space than there was in the old car. We also have a nice new inventory control/point of sale system . You may notice the carpet, does it remind you of a casino? Well it should as it was an overrun from the Venetian hotel and casino in Las Vegas!

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