Top: Our third stop is in Franklin Junction, New Jersey. As the horn blows around the bend the plow powers to remove the crusty ice just before crossing the grade. You can see the wing blades in full profile. It has been a tough winter for the New York Susquehanna & Western but the tracks must be cleared and safe. Above: We can see that the flanger has done it’s job, clearing the center of the track. Mission accomplished and a job well done! The tracks are ready to roll. Left: We are looking railroad South. The right of way curves like the tractor path in the mid-ground, then hugs the closest tree on the horizon along the river. Right: Our fourth stop is Baird’s Farm, Warwick New York. Just as the plow hits the grade, there seems to be something wrong. They stop as the plow hits a bump on the roads edge. 5

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