Top left: Dylan Vieyles is busy fishing out the old stay bolts from inside the wall of the firebox. Top right: Joe Hart was busy casting new firebrick for the firebox. Middle right: Joe Hart is grinding the stay bolt ends nice and flat so that we could do ultra sonic testing on the bolts. Above: This is a shot of the fireman's side of the firebox. In the picture ,the yellow areas are newly inserted stay bolts. A stay bolt is a bolt, or rod, connecting opposite sheets in a firebox so as to prevent them from being bulged out when acted upon by a pressure which tends to force them apart, as in the leg of a steam boiler. Several stages of the repair can be seen here, the flat grinding of the old bolt for testing, drilling out the old bolt, and finally countersinking the hole in preparation for welding. The bolts that appear to have raised rings around them were replaced last year. 15

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