Pompton Riverdale in 1965 North Newark, on Erie’s New York & Greenwood Lake Division was the station stop by which I reached Newark. I traveled weekends between Oak Ridge and Newark to attend college. I would more often take the train from Pompton. Sometimes I took the Susquehanna to Pompton Junction. There was a fifteen minute wait in the darkness for the Greenwood Lake train. I signaled the enginemen with a flashlight. The crew did not like to stop, especially for a deadhead (a non-paying passenger). “Being there” for college was important but “getting there” by train was arduous. The following years I drove a Model A Ford to Newark. In the early 1930’s there was an opportunity to take the Wilkes-Barre and Eastern mixed train to Plains, the end of the line. “Getting there” by railroad would have been a memorable experience. Trains, stations, and other structures could be photographed. The mixed train wound around the mountains, crossed the Panther Creek viaduct and descended to Plains. Plains were an ordinary, small residential town. There was no reason for “being there”. Page 7, 8 & 9 photo captions 6 Page 7 top:The NYSW on the SU99 at Ridgefield Park New Jersey October 22, 2010. Photo Ed Kaminski Page 7 bottom: Susquehanna SU 100 headed by 3022 on November 1, 2010 taken in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey. Photo Ed Kaminski Page 8 top: The r eturn of the SD-70’s! 4052 on the SU100 in Ridgefield Park New jersey on December 30, 2010 Photo Ed Kaminski Page 8 bottom: Maywood Station basking in the sun just after the Blizzard of 2010. Photo Ed Kaminski Page 9 top: NYSW 230 on train #910 at Maywood in 1964. Photo G. Berisso Page 9 bottom: NYSW 230 once again at Maywood on train #929 in 1965. Photo G. Berisso

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