The crew of the Polar Express on the final day of operation for 2010. Many people that made this happen are not in this picture as not everyone worked every day. A great effort was put in by all and we had a great time . eyebrows and even scared a few. The Corn Maze drew a record number of visitors this year, including over 900 Cub Scouts and their families one late September Sunday. The hot, dry August caused the corn to brown earlier than usual, but the rain in September helped preserve it through the end of October. For the computer savvy, the updated satellite shots on Google Earth show the maze in full color. The best news came on the last operating day in October. We received clearance to run down on the latest section of renovated track, which gets us to Pincher’s Point. This is MP 43.8, giving us another mile this year, totaling 6.6 miles and counting. This will become a stop off picnic area next year at a very scenic bend in the river. Once we crossed the bridge south of Edinger’s in July, we shaved off 7 minutes of bus ride for our Winery Train riders, and now we will be even closer. Gary Matthews and Martin Den Bleyker made a new platform for the wine bus to stop at, and now will move it further south in the spring. They also added 2 more loading platforms at the Kilns to help speed up loading time during Easter and Pumpkin seasons. Last but certainly not least, was the 2010 Polar Express season. The cars were cleaned and decorated, trees and 11 brush was cut back, 28 trips sold out by the first week in November, and Santa came for a wonderful visit. In addition to the regular staff of waiters, musicians, Santa and his elves, we added a world class juggler, Josh Horton, who roamed the train juggling coffee cups, pins and colored balls. Also added was a traveling Band Organ that delighted our guests with music, lights and mechanical musicians while they waited at the station. The crews worked hard preparing and running these trips, and deserve a big THANK YOU for a job well done. Promotions Jesse Dorn to Fireman Steve James to Conductor

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