Feature Articles 3 Departments 2 5 A Day Out With Thomas Martin Den Bleyker President’s Message John Stocker Vice President’s Message Chris Cotty 12 Bel-Del News Les Coleman This past Summer we held a special event, “A Day Out With Thomas”. I’m still amazed that this funny looking little Blue Engine with a face on it could draw over 20,000 people to Phillipsburg in two 3-day weekends. Who would have thought we would be able to host an event like this and pull it off with out a hitch? And how did we do it? It was done with the hard work and dedication of our Volunteers who planned and worked the event. All of you can give yourself a big pat on the back for a job very well done. The positive comments I heard from the Families and People attending as well as all the smiling children was all I needed to know we did something special. It’s what makes us the Special Group we are. And yes I look forward to doing it all again this year! For those who worked the Thomas event, I look forward to seeing you there and working with again this year. For those of you who were not able to help out last year, I hope you can make it at least one day this year, you won’t be sorry. Upcoming work in 2010. Bringing the M1 to Phillipsburg to finish the work on it. Brush cutting along the ROW Coach work Getting the new Bi-Level ready for this summer Tender on the 142 Let’s continue to work together and make 2010 a Great Year for all aspects of our Society! As always, my “door” is always open to you, our members. President John Stocker 2 The Easter egg hunt during the “Easter Bunny Train Ride” 2010 14 Maywood Station Historical Committee Ed Kaminski 16 Shop Talk Martin Den Bleyker Covers Front: Thomas The Tank Engine and our own #142 get ready for a day of trips during “ A Day Out With Thomas 2009” Photo: Ed Kaminski Rear Top: The 1800’s lined up getting ready to leave the property for the East Penn Railroad, who purchased them. Photo: Ed Kaminski Rear Bottom: The 1800’s after arriving at the East Penn Railroad. GP18s 1802 and 1804 rest at Kennstt Square, Pa. on May 8, 2010. Photo: Michael T. Burkhar t 2009 Meeting Schedule & Entertainment

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