Teacher Leadership Competencies Emerging Developing Performing Transforming NC Professional Teaching Standards Developing Proficient Accomplished Distinguished NBPTS Five Core Propositions Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 The NC Professional Teaching Standards are already aligned to the Five Core Propositions and the Teacher Leadership Competencies, as shown in the chart above. Standard I specifically addresses teacher leadership, but the language of teacher leadership can be found in all standards. Phrases like: “promotes trust,” “encourages and guides colleagues,” and “collaborates with colleagues” are seen in the “distinguished” level for each standard. Sources: Knowles, Malcolm S. The Modern Practice of Adult Education: from Pedagogy to Andragogy. Cambridge Adult Education, 1988. “Teacher Leadership Initiative Competencies.” NEA, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, www.nea.org/ home/61346.htm. For a full explanation of how accomplished teachers are members of learning communities read chapter five of What Teachers Should Know and Be Able to Do published by National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. (http:// accomplishedteacher.org). Our Partners: Authors: Marci Harvey and Debra Coram Troxell Layout & Design: Debra Coram Troxell

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