Core Proposition #3: Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning. By: Cassandra Dobson, NBCT and Beverly Witherspoon, NBCT Summary: Accomplished teachers maintain high expectations for all students. They view themselves as facilitators of student learning, helping children and young adults reach their fullest potential. To achieve that goal, educators create vibrant, productive work-spaces for their students, adjusting and improving organizational structures as needed while establishing effective ways to monitor and manage traditional and nontraditional learning environments. First and foremost, teachers facilitate the educational process by designing opportunities for learning—planning for and presenting students with inspiring materials, promoting their participation, supporting substantive discourse, and sustaining long-term engagement by collaboratively working with students. To track their success, teachers carefully monitor activity within the learning environment—observing student interactions, evaluating classroom performance, assessing all aspects of student development, and measuring learning outcomes relative to objectives. To increase students’ success, teachers diligently manage the systems, programs, and resources that support every educational endeavor—fostering positive relations in and out of the classroom, making sure classroom materials are used appropriately, maintaining schedules, ensuring students safety, and otherwise maintaining all aspects of a well-functioning learning environment. As masters of pedagogical practice, accomplished educators teach efficiently, making the most of every instructional moment to maximize learning. They are dedicated to helping young people thrive by respecting, encouraging, and advancing student interests and student learning at all times. (What teachers should know and be able to do. p. 24) When teachers regularly assess they can: · See areas of strength and areas for improvement through assessment · Draw conclusions from assessing students’ progress toward objectives · Make adjustments in instruction and other meaningful feedback to students Body of Knowledge consists of three components: · The Five Core Propositions · NBPTS Standards · NBPTS Architecture of Accomplished Teaching

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