Core Proposition #1: Teachers are committed to students and their learning. By: Crystal Folger-Hawks , NBCT & Ashley Montgomery, NBCT Summary: Accomplished teachers base their practice on the fundamental belief that all students can learn and meet high expectations. Acknowledging the distinctive traits and talents of each learner, teachers are dedicated to and skilled at making knowledge accessible to all students. Educators are thus passionate about building meaningful relationships with young people so students can advance their understanding and experience success. Teachers know that ongoing achievement depends on their conviction in the value and dignity of all human beings as well as the potential that exists within each child. They therefore remain attentive to human variability, its influence on learning, and the interconnectedness of people in different contexts. Accomplished teachers become acquainted with students across social and educational settings, not simply within their own learning environments. (What teachers should know and be able to do. p. 12)

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