wonder, inquiry, discovery, revelation, and release. Curl up in a comfy chair and bear witness to this lyric journey.”—Georgia Popoff, author of Psychometry. • Perfect Crime, David Weiss (2017), $16. Of this book the poet says, “The whole of it thinks about the idea of perfect crime metaphysically, in the sense that time, for example, is, itself, a perfect crime. Perfect meaning: effect without cause. A crime or situation or condition that can’t be solved.” • Where I Come From (2016), Jackie Warren-Moore, $12. Poet, playwright, theatrical director, teacher, and freelance writer, Ms. Warren-Moore’s work has been published nationally and internationally. She is a Survivor of racism, sexism, sexual abuse, and physical abuse who regards her poetic voice as the roadmap of her survival, a way of healing herself and of speaking to the souls of others. • SelectedLate Poems ofGeorg Trakl (2016), translations by Bob Herz, $7.50, or $7.49 at Kindle and iBooks. This book includes all the poems Trakl wrote in the last two years of his life, from Sebastian in Dream and the poems that appeared in Der Brenner, plus poems from other periods showing the development of the poet's art. • Letter to Kerouac in Heaven (2016), Jack Micheline, $10. One of the original Beats, Micheline's career took him from Greenwich Village to San Francisco, with friends that included almost everyone, from Mailer to Ginsberg to Corso and others. He was a street poet whose first book included an introduction by Jack Kerouac and was reviewed in Esquire by Dorothy Parker. This is a replica publication of one of his street books. • BadAngels, Sam Pereira (2015), $20, or at Kindle and iBooks, $9.99. Of this poet Peter Everwine wrote, “He’s an original.” Pereira’s work has been praised by Norman Dubie, David St. John, and Peter Campion. • Some Time in the Winter, Michael Burkard (2014), $16. A reprint of the famed original 1978 chapbook with an extended essay by Mr. Burkard on the origins of the poem. • Poems forLorca, Walt Shepperd (2012), $9.95. The poems continue Mr. Shepperd’s lifelong effort to truly see and record the life around him. Lorca is his daughter, and the poems constitute an invaluable generational gift from father to daughter, and from friend, colleague, and community member to all of us. Page vii8 - Nine Mile Magazine P

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