Sandra Kolankiewicz 20 th Century Petroglyph, Marietta, Ohio They must have used tools to do it, would have taken hours to cut so deeply through the rock, the image they created dated 1925, two Klan members side by side in their hoods, round insignias still clear, the trim at the edges of their robes carefully etched. Back then hillsides were bare, shorn of all trees for the clear cut. To create their tableau they would have stood in the sun while they carved the great, flat piece of exposed sandstone for all the faces to see from the porches of homes long since collapsed, foundations become nothing, sites marked by old fashioned snowdrops, yellow daffodils in the spring, just one old homestead leaving behind a chimney constructed from the type of composite cement that suggests one hundred and fifty years have passed since its construction out of bricks from the yard once found at the bottom of the hollow where the path now ends, the beehive kilns long forgotten, pavers smothered by asphalt. Page 50 - Nine Mile Magazine

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