Establishments The bars in Iowa City, the taverns in Portland, AA in California. AA in San Miguel. George’s, The Mill, farmers lugging bagsful ofmorels for patrons. Mead at eighteen in Solvang. The liquor store every day but Sunday in Seattle. Asking Ray Carver in Evansville where is one? He honorably did not know. Singapore sling in Honolulu, a bumble-foot hopping at sandal-feet. Black Russian at nineteen in Mazatlán. Gin with Andrea election night. Election-related injury. Margaritas with Dr. Malia after her long day diagnosing children. Sazerac with Heaney, French Quarter. Rye with cramps and bickering Harvard grad students in Somerville. Welch’s treat in D.C. Vodka for bridge phobia corner ofGolden Gate. Vodka before crossing the Benicia bridge, fear of the maw of fog around the Mothball Fleet. Whatever I wish I hadn’t in Wilkes-Barre. Napa wineries with Kizer and Woodbridge. Sonoma bottles at Carolyn’s kitchen island. “Tying One On in Vienna,” vicariously. IV in the ER. Little bottles in luggage. That thumbnail funnel — Page 44 - Nine Mile Magazine

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