ABOUT PAMELA STEWART Pamela Stewart (known as Jody) is a true “boomer,” New England born and bred. She began writing in grade school because she couldn’t draw. She’s taught creative writing at ASU, University of Arizona, UC Irvine, and University ofHouston. In 1982 she received a Guggenheim and traveled to Cornwall, UK where she then lived for 7 years. Jody returned to western Massachusetts and in 1994 she, and her family moved to a farm to raise fiber animals. Over the years she’s published in a number ofmagazines, received 3 Pushcart publications, and has written 6 full-length books including The RedWindow (Univ. ofGeorgia Press, 1997), and Ghost Farm (Pleasure Boat Studio, 2010.) A chapbook, Just Visiting, was published by Grey Suit Editions, London, 2014. She still lives on the farm with 3 dogs, some elderly sheep, a rescued horse, his donkey, several goats and old pigs. ABOUT THE POEMS How I met my first Prose-ette was by accident. Over the years I started countless bits of prose which never came to life. They drabbed right off the edge of the page, but about 6 years ago I asked myself to write at least one sentence while drinking my first cup of coffee in the dark of the morning. It wouldn’t matter what I wrote because all that really mattered was that hot black coffee. Sometimes another sentence emerged, then another and maybe a few more. My first prose-ette entity was that of elusive Edgar regarding his Phoenix apartment and its shortcomings. These little paragraphs were spontaneous and always surprised me! To write was just plain fun and the joy of it was that I was never “working on a poem.” Page 22 - Nine Mile Magazine

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