Jody Pamela Stewart Edgar Is Disgruntled his gutters need repair and outside, as all too often happens, there are flags, high-pitched hollers, grill-smoke, heavy-on-the-mustard deviled eggs, sausage sputter, great shimmering haunches of Jello, cakes like pillows, and an ominous gluten-free table tucked up against Albert’s hedge. Edgar loves his food, but what’s not to loathe navigating the wheeling kids, the pale midriffs of girls age 8-58, heartiness and piles of flimsy paper plates, those wide grins beneath eyes which roam away when Edgar starts to speak. With his hand on the doorknob and his dog occupied with a large chew, Edgar realizes that to step out the door is to step down into a war zone. He hesitates. It’s well known that a neighborhood barbecue can get you killed. Volume 8 No 1 - Page 17

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