All Our Spoons at Once Grammarist The Carpet is Making Me Anxious Jim Ferris Agonistes Hands Invoking the Penises of Paralyzed Men Difficult What Kind of Life The Requirements Traceability Matrix Considered What Holds the Stone Together Who Here To a Crip Friend About to Have Surgery Ave, Imperator Straight Up D.J. Savarese The Earth Beneath Us (and Sometimes the Sky) Hen Jeannine Hall Gailey Multiple Sclerosis: Shockwave When I Started Questioning My Humanity (Or When I Lost My Personhood) Time Travel is Really Hard to Write I Am the Last Teen Heroines are Fireproof Burning In, Burning Out: A 4th of July Meditation on Neural Lesions Melissa Hotchkiss A Poem Written Two Days Before My Father Died Collection Unemployed Slight Stumble Intent On Undoing the Bad Luck Of Being Broken Something Funny Predicament Land Into The Empty Page vi - Nine Mile Magazine 188 190 191 193 194 196 198 199 200 202 206 207 210 212 214 218 227 231 232 233 234 235 236 238 239 240 242 243 244 245 246 247 248

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