The social lesions I may take offense, may take your tongue And your purple ax willowing spastically During unpredictable weather events. I may watch you as you compose pictures During the comic heat of the afternoon: Twins, with braids and bloodied swords. I believe your brain stopped bursting When you asked kindly enough for it to be so and so it was sealed proper. As sure as the influence of Cat.4’s Can be felt in air, almost like a weighted Scent sinks itself deep into your lungs. A different rhythmic disease altogether, Ripe, altogether issuing a personal brand Of what we can call influence. And blue. Ang babae, a coat, and criming people With servants nursing in igneous folds Feeding the social lesions, fueling distemper. Those neighbors spreading naughty bits Of all us about: on what is left behind of you Behind you. Driving secures your safe Destruction gets attributed to personal Grease, on miscellaneous personal errors. These galvanized nails ofmen and women. For the hot frost not eaten, for shining Like fevered scat: all that jazz baby. Desperate signatures, tempo shaking Page 38 - Nine Mile Magazine

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