West of a World, South of a Pole Writing a poem somebody else composed. Taking a shower with no feet for balance. When a linnet sets out from dark cover of a tree And is met with buckshot or slingshot or BB. After a host has provided nutrients enough To sustain its resident parasite for weeks on End their bond is broken, their body separates Becoming the identical replica read once Upon a time many stars ago, while sitting In a folding chair beneath a canvas ofmoonlight And the scrawl deciphered the following morning Holds little in way of epiphany, verbs, or resolution. Carrying action far past an ounce of bad idea And a gallon of pure heartbreak soured for lack Of suitable organs…immediate transplant; short Harvesting times like a nesting doll or tri-color Pen extending the pun and bad grammar Far and wide upon the thirsty, those who crave narrative and diction during the hour long showcase of spats and ugly disagreements. Essential oils provide some comfort for The disenfranchised and recently deceased Though metaphors as elastic as ocular muscles Ricochet over coffee flavored with Lions Mane Page 34 - Nine Mile Magazine

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