Sean J. Mahoney Gorgeous were the robber barons… Gorgeous were the robber barons spooning their black bean soup And gorgeous were the flowers stilled in their glass vases And gorgeous were the pines gagged quiet next to planks And gorgeous were Trotskyites styled with velvet and cuffs And gorgeous were the predators still trolling…a sniff of weakness And gorgeous were reptiles with scales and claws and flickering Tongues. That survival could be the only thing worth pursuing After dog videos and a good fuck seemed a bad idea at the time There is always unsolicited advice from co-workers for fishing Gear, there is always one shoe that looks better than its pair There is always a place you must visit if only it weren’t $4000 Away. There is still always a café with cigarettes and coffee, And always a modeling gig if you be willing and able to shoot. If truth be told then sleeping through the alarm clock will result In a passing ofmalice, of breathing, of gas, of all the loves You held in water. If truth be told pancakes should never be Perfectly round and flat — such a food is not realistic nor satisfying. If truth be told then skipping this edict and of course that mandate relegates rule followers back to ages of almost smelt and acid fumes pluming. If truth be told you can both lead a horse to water and entice drinking if the carrot is plainly visible and brushed with garlic mayo. A can, in most cases it is ‘the can’, is forever further kicked Down the road; this, in most cases, is synonymous with Napping through mealtime. A can-can can provide cardio To soothe ones respiratory system into a false sense of peace And health beam; in most cases the perp responsible goes Free or just disappears forever, heightening the sense Ofmystery popularized during early serials. And speaking of cereal, I believe we raced through allowing the snowball from hell slim chance of ever calming down. Volume 7 - Page 31

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