Pre-k Prose 1st Place (tie) "Chicago" by Ishaan Shah The Village School Grade 1 Teacher: Michele Reguera There was a boy named Sam. He got to know that his family was moving to Chicago. His dad got a new job! Sam was sad to leave Houston, his friends and school. The day came when they had to leave. Same said goodbye to his room and all his friends. Same ate and watched movies the whole flight. They finally reached Chicago. After two days Sam went to his new school. On the first day he went to his locker. When he closed his locker and looked behind him, there were a bunch of boys laughing at him. Some bully had painted the back of his shirt. They laughed and teased him a lot. Sam cried all the way home. He did not like his first day! The next day Sam tried to be friends with the same boys that teased him. He showed them a new game that he and his friends used to play in Houston. The boys loved it and wanted to be friends with Sam! 4

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