Grades 9-12 Poetry 1st Place "You" by Rocio Sidonio Spring Branch ISD Grade 11 Teacher: Javier Martinez THE GOOD You were a work of art. You were a concept. There you laid so peaceful. So beautiful. You woke up with a smile, I felt partially to blame for that. You held my hand and I felt secure, It gave some sort of commitment from your part. We drove around and admired how lights changed from red to green, It was peaceful. We danced like idiots. You pulled me in as an attempt to get closer. My room was some sort of dance floor. The first time we kissed. It was brief seconds. Brief seconds that felt like a 12 hour trip, I desperately didn't want to end. You were never fond of drugs, you hated them. I was, in fact: you were my choice of drug. I didn't know the high was going to be so good. So baby, I'm sorry, I can no longer overdose on you. We went to parties that consisted of alcohol and circles full of potheads You never wanted to leave my side. And I see you making casual conversation, but I'm not paying attention to the words coming out of your mouth. The smoke surrounds your surface and you look like some type of grungy aesthetic that I am so addicted to. And all I'm thinking is how we're in this unholy place, yet you manage to make yourself look like a god. 29

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