an extraordinary team all the way to a county title. When he lifted the cup you could nearly sense the team’s ancestors looking down at them from the highest heavens and also shedding tears of joy. Team manager Johnny Kelly said ‘‘Every one of those players is special,’’ and right he is too after their performance on that very special occasion. Brendan Maher praised Johnny Kelly’s saying ‘‘When Johnny Kelly came in he transformed the team really- he just brought something that we hadn’t experienced before and brought a different element to it.’’ He also emphasised how the whole community had played a hugely important role in the historical win and concluded ‘‘We’ll all go back to Borris-Ileigh together and celebrate together.’’ Now they have climbed one mountain, there are many more to climb if they want to go all the way and make their dreams come true. They will have a whole maroon and white army behind their backs as Brendan said ‘‘together we will celebrate.’’ Their triumph should inspire any team across the country to never give up hope and like Borrisoleigh to follow their dreams. 65

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