Dragon’s Den First Year Pitch The Dragons Den is a Business initiative run in the school, for a number of years by some senior classes for the first years. This year it was organised by the 5LCA class, as part of their Vocational Preparation and Guidance task, and Ms Maguire’s Transition Year class. It took place on Friday the 6th of March. The aims for the day were to ensure that the first year had fun; they bonded with each other and got an insight into the world of business. The senior students divided the first years into random groups. Each group had to come up with an idea to develop a product with the help of a mentor (one of the senior students). One group came up with an idea to develop a football boot that turns into a shoe by clicking off the studs. They had to develop their idea further and then try to sell the idea to the three judges, who were Ms McFadden, Ms McBride and Jack McLaughlin a 5th year student. In order to sell the idea the groups had to look into the viability of their product, costings, advertising and marketing and potential profit margins. Students spent the day coming up with their ideas and during that time there was a quiz and prizes given out. The senior students evaluated the day and most of the students really enjoyed the day and recommended that it should run again next year. 58

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