Ski Trip On 14th of February 2020 Moville Community College departed for their six day Ski Trip to Folgarida, Italy. Forty-four students and five teachers set off for the small village of Dimaro in the Trentino region of Northern Italy. The Folgarida/Marilleva ski resort itself boasts over 70km of ski runs catering for all levels. Our group nearly all beginners set off on the first day and were sprung straight into action. As they tried to balance on their skis, the sides of slopes looked terrifying and chair lifts seemed impossible. However, with 4 hours of lessons per day, you could see everyone’s confidence grow as students progressed off nursery slopes, to some even attempting the black slope that towered over us everyday at lunch. Between lessons students got to relax and enjoy the sun, views, food and music on the slopes. At night everyone was glad to get back to our lovely family run hotel and relax (or if willing to put pride aside and take on the undefeated Mr Doogan in a foozball competition). Although there may have been a couple (ok more than a couple) of falls, wipe-outs, teachers included, the spirit and determination of this bunch was incredible. It was an amazing trip, packed with laughs, stories and memories to share for years.

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