Christmas Carol Service MCC Choir and Soloists This years annual Christmas Carol service stands out as one of our favourites to date. This years’ theme of ‘Peace’ was so beautifully represented through the music, artwork and the spoken word. It suited the event perfectly, as the aim of the night is for people and families within our community to come together and forget the business of the Christmas period. The carol service wouldn’t be as much of a success without the massive involvement of students and staff within the school. This year we had the biggest numbers of involvement ever with 130 students in the band & choir alone, and over 250 other students involved in other elements of the event including readers, artwork, traditional Irish musicians, lámh signers, ushers, elves and many other jobs behind the scenes. There were many standout moments of this years’ service for me. Some of which include; the stunning piece sign elevated at the top of the chapel, the emotional Christmas story and Silent Night in lámh sign. These moments along with the selection of songs performed amazingly bythe choir, band and soloists made for a very moving and heart – warming evening. This is an event we all look forward to every year and this year will stand out as a favourite for many years to come.

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