Chiku Lweno- Aboud’s Visit to MCC Leaving Cert Applied Students Chiku Lweno-Aboud visited Moville Community College in September. She is a journalist from Tanzania. The students got an insight into her life in Tanzania and her work there. She was accompanied by Shauna O‘Neill, Community fundraiser for Children in Crossfire. Thanks to Ms Cooney for organising this event and to Ms G Cavanagh, Ms H Gallagher, Ms N Hegarty and Ms Browne who hosted Chiku and Shauna on the day.A very special thanks goes to our Third Year Traditional Group who played so beautifully for Chiku today and to Ms Hegarty’s tutor class, 5 and 6 LCA students and Transition Year students who hosted Chiku and Shauna in their classes. We were very honoured and immensely proud that Chiku visited our school. 13

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