Memphis Botanic Garden ANNUAL REPORT 2018

DEAR FRIENDS OF THE GARDEN, This past year we have both grown and nourished our Garden – as you do yours – for the seasons to come. By almost any measure, we have grown. Our volunteer hours, a key metric to the health and vibrancy of any non-profit, grew to record levels over the past twelve months. Our recent Big Bugs at the Garden exhibit allowed us to “cultivate” memberships, daily attendance, and school children visits. We “sprouted” a new Nursery at the Garden and we are benefitting from the retail sales that accompany it. The 18th season of Live at the Garden season enjoyed its highest attendance levels ever. Additionally, we “propagated” a brand new music series called Wolf at the Garden which focuses on newer, up-and-coming acts in a festival type setting. During the same time, we developed and adopted a new three year Strategic and Horticulture Plan which will plot our course for the immediate future. These plans are the fertilizer that, when properly applied, will provide the nourishment needed for our continued growth. Nourish is a word you will see a lot of from us in the next year or two as we gather resources needed to continue our growth, implement our plans, and make your Garden all it can be. With Thanksgiving for all of your support! Sincerely, Vance Lewis Board President Michael D. Allen Executive Director -2- memphisbotanicgarden.com

Memphis Botanic Garden Annual Report 2017-18 DONATE TODAY We grow when you give! 2018 was another year of tremendous growth at the Garden. Your generosity allowed the Garden to expand our offerings and impact over 230,000 guests. This would not be possible without your support. Please help us expand upon this successful year with a meaningful year end donation. Donations can be made online at memphisbotanicgarden.com/donate or through the enclosed envelope. The entire amount of your contributions may be treated as a charitable donation for federal income tax purposes, since no goods or services were provided to you in consideration of your gift. Memphis Botanic Garden Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. Its Federal Identification number is 23-7159172. 2018 FINANCIAL RESULTS Revenue $4,445,833 Expenses $4,132,048 memphisbotanicgarden.com -3

BOTANICAL DISPLAYS AND INSPIRATION at the Garden -4memphisbotanicgarden.com

Memphis Botanic Garden Annual Report 2017-18 2 Summer Interns experienced horticultural careers thanks to support from The Little Garden Club of Memphis 30 Columbian Blue Buff Brahma chickens introduced to The Coop 3 trained Horticulturists added to our staff 1 beautifully detailed handrail installed in the Memphis Garden Club Sculpture Garden 175 feet of ornamental iron fencing and gates installed to create an inviting entrance for the Nursery at the Garden 4 beautiful potting tables created as part of our new Potting Shed giving volunteers a terrific place to work 41 varieties of summer crops featured in the Delta Garden 35 different plants added to Herb Garden including a variety of Holy Basils 11 different species of trees planted in this year’s Idea Garden “Tracks, Trails and Campfire Tales” 97 new varieties (over 800 new plants) donated and added to our Iris Garden collection memphisbotanicgarden.com -5

NATURE CONNECTIONS AND EDUCATION at the Garden -6- memphisbotanicgarden.com

Memphis Botanic Garden Annual Report 2017-18 40,386 served through formal programming over the course of the 2017-18 school year 21 professionals and volunteers trained in Horticultural Therapy 306 campers explored the wilder parts of our garden in one of our weekly summer camps 3,308 students received funding to participate in a Big Bugs classes thanks to our scholarship funders 5,736 adults served through classes, tours and horticultural outreach 11 community Arboretums received assistance from our MBG Tree Team with tree identification, signage, and certification process 3 Monarch Monitor volunteers worked throughout the season to record and report activity in the Butterfly Garden 544 children made muddy creations at Mudpie Mondays 2,685 students pressed apples to make cider at our annual Harvest Festival 2,840 students “traveled” to different stations focusing on how people throughout the world use plants in their daily lives at our annual World of Plants festival memphisbotanicgarden.com -7

UNIQUE EXPERIENCES AND CELEBRATIONS at the Garden -8- memphisbotanicgarden.com

Memphis Botanic Garden Annual Report 2017-18 17 origami sculptures were artistically placed throughout the garden for a six-month exhibit 1,066 children and their family members had a glowing good time at the Firefly Glow Party 38,566 attended spectacular shows as part of Summer Symphony at the Live Garden, Wolf at the Garden concerts and the 18th season of Live at the Garden 7,800 guests celebrated under the twinkling lights and falling “snow” at our expanded Holiday Wonders event 600 costumed cuties enjoyed the annual Flick or Treat event 225 attended our first Botanical Bars night, a new series featuring plant infused and inspired cocktails 9 different gardens served as the backdrop for many, many outdoor weddings this year 28 weeks of summer evening programming added...including plein air painting, outdoor yoga, nature hikes, dog walks and cooking demos 5,100 experienced Japanese art and culture at the annual Memphis Japan Fest in partnership with the Japan America Society of Tennessee 546 s’mores were made by attendees at our family campfire parties memphisbotanicgarden.com -9

COMMUNITY SUPPORT allows us to grow FY 2017-18 FINANCIAL RESULTS Special Events $90,967 Facility Rentals + Food & Beverage $959,847 Live at the Garden Transfer $837,880 Contributions $962,835 Capital Improvements $218,110 Advertising $148,206 Interest $35,368 Repairs $78,424 Membership Dues $529,831 Special Events $427,808 Food & Beverage $34,709 Materials & Supplies $356,714 City of Memphis $170,819 Other Education Fees $248,764 $308,049 Equipment Rental $240,981 Support Staff $807,816 Facilities Staff $509,465 Insurance $236,574 Other $256,411 Horticulture Staff $734,825 Education Staff $383,478 INCOME EXPENSES -10memphisbotanicgarden.com

Memphis Botanic Garden Annual Report 2017-18 We appreciate First Tennessee Foundation for their support in making the Garden accessible to the community. 255 families were given Free Memberships this year through this program. Thanks to Terminix, International Paper, Speer Charitable Trust, AutoZone, and Orion for helping to bring BIG BUGS to the Garden. LIVE AT THE GARDEN SPONSORS Duncan Williams Investment Bankers, FedEx, TruGreen, Infiniti of Memphis, Regions Bank, Radians, ProShow, Mahaffey tent and PDR SUMMER SYMPHONY SPONSORS Gossett Audi, Radians, International Paper, Sedgwick, Commercial Appeal, Sullivan Branding, Hilton Hotels, Mednikow, and Mahaffey Tent WOLF AT THE GARDEN SPONSORS Chuck Hutton Chevrolet, Turkey Hill Ice Cream, Miller Coors, Mid-South Ford Dealers, Radians, Ducks Unlimited, and Mahaffey Tent The Kemmons Wilson Family Foundation helped to fund a wide variety of repairs and enhancements to keep My Big Backyard beautiful and engaging for the thousands of visitors that enjoy this garden each year. Infrastructure improvements funded by donors this year include cosmetic and audio-visual updates in the Goldsmith Room and the construction of a new Potting Shed for volunteers to use in The Nursery at the Garden. memphisbotanicgarden.com -11

INDIVIDUAL GIFTS AND SPONSORSHIPS JULY 1, 2017 TO JUNE 30, 2018 $75,000+ FedEx Gossett Motor Cars International Paper Foundation $50,000+ Kemmons Wilson Family Foundation Plough Foundation Speer Charitable Trust Terminix $25,000+ The Little Garden Club of Memphis $10,000+ AutoZone Belz Enterprises Buzzy Hussey and Hal Brunt Cathey Donor Advised Fund First Tennessee Foundation/ First Horizon Kirby and Glenn Floyd Goldsmith Family Foundation Selby and P.Z. Horton Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tudor Jones Sylvia Goldsmith Marks Snow and Henry Morgan Janet Misner The Scheidt Family Foundation Waddell and Associates, Inc. $5,000+ Bluff City Jaguar Brad Martin Family Foundation Bena and George Cates Durham Foundation Mary Lee and Peter Formanek Stacey and Thomas Hussey IberiaBank Lucy Carrington Jones Peggy and Bill Carrington Jones Knapp Foundation, Inc. Kroger Co. Frank Langford Ragan and Lon Magness Memphis Light Gas & Water Orion Federal Credit Union Laretha and Bryson Randolph Wright Medical Technology -12memphisbotanicgarden.com Wunderlich Securities, Inc. Yuletide Office Solutions $1,000+ Matthew Bailey Cheryl Bensky Paula and Steven Beussink Debbie and Richard Binswanger Peggy and Richard Bodine Gay Daughdrill Boyd The Canale Foundation John Canale, III Lisa and John Colcolough Foy and Bill Coolidge Clarice and Clair Cox Crews Family Foundation Eden Spa & Salon, LLC Entercom Memphis, LLC Fidelity Investments Sondra and Bill Fondren Garden Club of America Zone IX Judges Georgia Pacific Kristyn Gresham Grinder, Taber and Grinder, Inc. Eva Mae and Bobby Hussey Ikebana International - Bamboo Chapter Inventory Locator Service, LLC Japanese Traders & Manufacturers Rose Johnston Anne and Tommy Keesee Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance Mr. and Mrs. Robert Loeb Catherine Mahoney Memphis Garden Club Phoebe Miller Monogram Loves Kids Foundation Kate Oliver Dianne and Larry Papasan Dixie Power Republic Services Anne Roane St. George’s Independent School Debby and Steve Schadt Schadt Foundation, Inc. Leila Schmeisser Drs. Kay Jackson and Thomas Shelton The Sims Family Charitable Trust Stellar Home Care Strategic Resource Management, Inc. University of Tennessee Mimi and Jim Taylor Barbara Thompson and Joe Warren Jamison Totten Wells Fargo Foundation John Canale $500+ Kathy and Ben Adams Suzanne and Walter Allen Christa and Michael D. Allen The Estate of Ginger and Albert Austin Janis Boyd Margaret Ann Burnett Dianne and John Chapman Jo Croner Regina and Walter Cygan Laurie and Doug Daniel Mr. and Mrs. John Paul Jones James Keegan, Sr. Vance and John Lewis Kim and Andy MacQueen Dr. Mary McCalla Missie and Jim McDonnell McGehee Clinic for Animals Jean Norfleet Susan and John Peterson Julie and Jim Raines Stacy and Jay Royalty Gail and Ozzie Sawyer Julie and Jeff Sawyer Dabney Turley Lindi and Ari Vanderwalde Jewell Ward Mydelle Wilson Rosa Wooddy HONORARIUMS JULY 1, 2017 TO JUNE 30, 2018 Kelsey Adair & James LaRue Pam and Larry Bizzell Julie and Robert LaRue Albert Alexander Red Acres Garden Club Michael D. Allen Adams Keegan Janet Misner Gay Daughdrill Boyd Allison Clark Mary Helen Butler Mary Lou Adams Michel Allen Graham and Lynn Fulton Red Acres Garden Club Dr. John Byrd Memphis Horticultural Society Chris and Colleen Canale Janet and Fernand Gagnon Stephanie Cheney Lucy Turnbull Dottie Crihfeld Red Acres Garden Club Jim Crowder Bartlett Garden Club Janet Holley Cox Jim Duncan Richard and Trish Spore Tim Elliott Red Acres Garden Club Lynn Escapite Virginia and H. Ellis Misner Robin Howell Red Acres Garden Club Jimmy Harwell Red Acres Garden Club Buzzy Hussey Graham and Lynn Fulton Janet Misner Andrew Hyde, III Carolyn and Greer Simonton Harry Johnson, III Carolyn and Greer Simonton Peggy and Bill Carrington Jones Margaret and Hugh Fraser Keathley and Eleazer Families Vance and Willis Willey, III Nancy Jordan and Ron Kwoka Margaret Eldridge Frank Langford Anne and Rich Dixon Robert Llewellyn Carolyn and Greer Simonton Mary Loveless Suburban Garden Club of Germantown Lon Magness Carol and Bert Barnett Sylvia Goldsmith Marks Peggy Fineman Sherri McCalla Kathy James Peggy and Don McClure Janet Misner Missie McDonnell Katherine and Jack Mayer Memphis Botanic Garden Event Staff Debbie and Steve Warner Dr. Howard Misner Janet Misner Virginia and H. Ellis Misner Ellis Misner Janet Misner Janet Misner Mary Lou Adams

Memphis Botanic Garden Annual Report 2017-18 Julie Ferrell Courtney and Robert Frazee Margaret and Charles Hubbert Scott and Forest Imorde Peggy and Don McClure Virginia and H. Ellis Misner Virginia and H. Ellis Misner Lucia Outlan Mark Misner Sara and Howard Misner Education Fund Virginia and H. Ellis Misner Mark Misner Zoe and Alan Nadel Robert and Andrea Kerlan Caroline Nave Kirby Woods Garden Club John Peterson Scott Elsholz Susan and John Peterson Ellen Blanck Susan Peterson Mark Kaufki Elise Higdon Piper Red Acres Garden Club William Rudner Lori Goldstein Rowlett Scott Lori Goldstein Barbara Turner Julie Ferrell William Veeser Carolyn and Greer Simonton Carol Watkins Hedgemoor Garden Club Preston Wilson Carolyn and Greer Simonton MEMORIALS Dorothy Aikins Elizabeth Porter Patricia Allen Kathy and Ben Adams Buzzy Hussey and Hal Brunt Vance and John Lewis Chris Miller Janet Misner Julie and Jim Raines Trish and Richard Spore Andrew H. Baird Chickasaw Country Club Andrew Lee Barksdale Toni D’Alessandris Gower Wooten & Darneille, LLC Martha and Joe Hammond Sherry and Ed Shaver Roy E. Bell Mayrene Buxton Harry & Sunny Blumenfeld Rachel Blumenfeld Ruth Bradley Patricia Isham Betty Ann Britt Ashley Allen Ebony L. Brown-Young Stephny and Ben Young Jerry Hart Bynum Ruth and William Williams Guy Thomas Erb Mayrene Buxton David Kernell Becki Barnhardt Tim Bigelow Susan and Robert Brown Diane and John Chapman Laura Ehrhardt Aisha Goens Joe Jones Elizabeth Keogh Loreen O’Hara Joyce Quintrell J.E. Randall Sandra Richey Amanda and Jason Strain Kevin Woods Barbara Knous Delaine Smith Annie Stewart Ginger Guise Madlinger Margaret Gentry Sylvia Marks Christa and Michael Allen Mary Helen and Mark Butler Peggy and Bill Carrington Phil and Terese Deboo Jim and Elizabeth Duncan Mr. and Mrs. Alan Entine Peggy Fineman Cynthia Ham Perre Magness Janet Misner Joyce and Robert Mollerup Julie and Jim Raines Linda Rhea Diane and Robert Vidulich Jack McFarland Patricia McFarland Vive Montgomery Olivia Montgomery Smt. Parvathi Neeraja Rangisetty James Power Richard Briscoe Mary Wilbourn Robinson Sheryl and Nap Cassibry Elizabeth Helmsing Page and Walter Henrion Edwin and Julia Hussey Ann and Malcolm McRae Janet Misner Kathy and Harry J. Phillips Pam and Will Pierce G.A. Robinson Deborah Dunklin Tipton Cary and Russell Whitehead John Wilbourn Phillip Russell Marci and Gary Mosley Maida Pearson Smith Janet Misner Martha Ree Belshe Twist Eva Mae and Bobby Hussey Minetry Apperson Dr. James L. Warner Frances H. Owen Camille Whitley 4H Construction Corporation Janie Carloss Sandra and Jay Eberle Rowland & Carter CPAs, LLC Sarah Todd Winter Carolyn Able memphisbotanicgarden.com -13

UPPER LEVEL MEMBERSHIPS LIFETIME MEMBERS Ann Blecken Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Born Beth and Steve Brown Elizabeth and Jim Duncan Amy Ginsburg Kristi and Larry Goldsmith Goldsmith Family Foundation Sissie and Walton Griffin Dr. Howard Misner Jennifer and Roy Smith Contributing Member ($1,000) John Canale III Margie and Jimmy Lackie Julie and Jim Raines Supporting Member ($500) Eleanor Baer Scott Bohon Margaret Ann Burnett Judith and Bruce Campbell Lynn and Graham Fulton Michelle and Evan Glazer Eva Mae and Bobby Hussey Anne and Mike Keeney Kimberly and Andrew MacQueen Avant Gardener ($300) Karen and Preston Dorsett Betty and John Malmo Jane Rebholz Mary and Keith Riggins Ruth and Joseph Samaha Linda and Frank Smith Lucy Woodson Garden Plus ($250) Kathy and Ben Adams Mary Lou Adams Wanda and John Barzizza Ginger and Dabney Collier Clarice and Clair Cox Katie and Ed Eleazer Kathryn Feinstone Marylane Johnson Anne and Tommy Keesee Natalie and Davant Latham Carol and Gene Mangiante Nancy and Rodgers Menzies Nancy and Steve Morrow Mimi and Jim Taylor Dawn and Jeff Thompson Family Plus ($150) Marilyn and Pepper Allen Chris and Lois Canale Nancy and George Albert Cook Renee and Phillip Cook Foy and Bill Coolidge Kathe and Larry Crane Alexandra and Trent Crowley Debbie and David Dye Catherine Erb Dot and Dick Fisher Kathy and JW Gibson Katherine and Franklin Godoy Emily Haizlip Dr. and Mrs. Masanori Igarashi Carolyn and Richard Johnson Ed Koshland, III Caroline MacQueen Karen and Craig Marshall Theresa Mauer Janie and Charles McCrary Linda and Robert Nichols Diana and Timothy Oliver Judy and Frederick Palmer Jennifer and Andrew Rixon Chris and Reid Sanders Sharon Taylor Marcy and Charles Turpen Marilyn and Bailey Wiener Catherine Weiner -14memphisbotanicgarden.com

Memphis Botanic Garden Annual Report 2017-18 So much of our growth and success is due to our rich history of an involved and dedicated Board of Directors. Thanks to the following for their service. 2018-19 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Vance Lewis, President P.Z. Horton, Vice-President Kate Oliver, Treasurer Aarti Bowman, Asst. Treasurer Chris Miller, Secretary Janet Misner, Past President HONOR A LOVED ONE From benches and trees to student scholarships and garden plantings, there are many ways to honor a friend or loved one. For more information, call our Development office at 636-4116. VOLUNTEERING is a hands-on way to ensure the growth of the Memphis Botanic Garden. This year alone our generous volunteers have given just under 10,000 hours of their time and saved the Garden $219,000 by providing essential assistance and services! For more information, please visit www.memphisbotanicgarden.com/volunteer or call 636-4102. Steven Beussink Ryan Butterick Judy Edge Mary Call Ford Kim Hall Buzzy Hussey Trey Jordan Gary Lendermon Dr. Mary McCalla Kimberly MacQueen Ragan Magness Ashley Riney Jay Royalty Lisa Snowden Caroline Sones Jenne Williams ADVISORY BOARD (PAST PRESIDENTS) THANK YOU TO OUR VOLUNTEERS FOR THEIR SUPPORT 854 volunteers total (489 previously) 13,085.57 total hours volunteered (up almost 3,000 from last fiscal year) $295,079.60 dollars in economic impact from volunteer hours (up 76, 079.60 from last fiscal year) Groups such as International Paper (twice), YMCA, Christian Brothers University, Immaculate Conception Cathedral School, University of Memphis Air Force ROTC, Guiding point Financial, TN Promise, Sigma Chi Fraternity, and University of Memphis (five times) made this our biggest year for corporate and school group volunteer support FOLLOW US on Instagram to see what’s in bloom every week. memphisbotanicgarden.com -15Margaret Ann Burnett John Canale George Cates William B. Dunavant III Bill Ferrell Pat Funck Howard Gober Lyle Irish Peggy Jones Anne Keesee Lon Magness Bonny Martin Blair Parker Carol Prentiss Julie Raines Richard Spore Joe Warren Gary Wunderlich Jr

Memphis Botanic Garden 750 Cherry Road Memphis, TN 38117-4699 NOURISH OUR GROWTH!

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