© Scott Whitaker www.PowerMultipliers.com 1

“This Former Pastor Is Wicked Smart” “Scott Whitaker is wicked smart when it comes to planning strategy and tactical execution of all aspects of membership programs. From member indoctrination to renewal to ascension to selling and pitching, you will gain huge value from working with Scott. His ideas when implemented will result in a gain of at least half a million dollars in coaching revenue for my company. Scott verifi ed and clarifi ed things that my team has been telling me for how to change and improve what we do, but it took Scott to help me see the wisdom of changing things up, so we can deliver much more value and make much more money long term from our members. Hire Scott today! You won’t regret it.” Kris Murray Founder of ChildcareMarketing.com “We Were Able to Launch a New Membership Level And Increase Our Recurring Revenue” “Through Scott’s seven-point plan and his proven experience, we were able to create a new level of membership that will signifi cantly increase our monthly recurring revenue. Scott helped us identity underutilized membership assets we already had and capitalized on these, which went a long way to creating our new level of membership. He has a unique ability to develop programs, working backward from the desired outcome, and giving you the step-by-step execution plan!” Michael Rozbruch CPA, Founder of Roz Strategies “Turned A One-Time Event Into Recurring Revenue” “Scott showed me how to immediately add six fi gures to my membership and how to quickly get new members with what I was already doing. I decided to put on a two day workshop with the idea of people paying $97 upfront and $397 with a trial membership. And in just over two weeks we managed to sign up 30 new members from that workshop.” Oli Billson Founder of Oliver Billson Marketing “Struggled For Years And Then Immediately Grew by 50%” “Since working with Scott and following his clear and excellent guidance, I have increased my income by fi fty percent per month. He has also given me a better understanding of how to provide better service to and increase the engagement of my members, and I’m seeing longer retention rates.” Jeannette Koczela Founder/President, Int’l Association of Professional Life © Scott Whitaker www.PowerMultipliers.com 2

“The Membership Master Is ‘No Bull!’” “Scott Whitaker is a membership master! He gave me two tips in under fi ve minutes that helped double our monthly membership revenue. Double! No bull, it is twice what it was and climbing. Scott is battle tested and knows his stuff. Give him a peak at your business, but only if you want to grow.” Todd Tramonte Real Estate Coach “Doubled My Membership And Struggle No More!” Val Heart Founder of Learn How to Talk to Animals “After all these years of effort, we couldn’t seem to grow beyond 30 members. After working with Scott, in just a few months I’ve made changes that include raising the dues and adding 2 more levels of membership. We just fi nished launching Early Bird & Founding Member Platinum levels and now have 30 Platinum members, 24 Gold members, and 6 Silver members for a grand total of 60 members! I wish I’d met Scott years ago. It would have made all the difference!” “Advice So Simple And Yet So Worth It” Shaun Buck Founder NewsletterPro “Any membership business knows the importance of monthly recurring revenue. However, most struggle to increase their MRR month over month. Just follow Scott’s simple advice and you’ll accelerate your recurring revenue, get more members and have a solid membership business. I cannot recommend working with Scott more. It has been amazing for us. If you’re considering it at all, let me tell you should totally do it. It’ll be an investment well worth your time and your money.” “Once Skeptical, Now a Raving Fan” Marlon Sanders CEO/Founder of Higher Response Marketing “I was really skeptical about Scott’s offer because I’ve been doing this full time since 1997. I was blown away with the training, very detailed. He’s very hands-on, and, yes, I have learned and discovered a lot of things that I can immediately apply. It really blew me away. If you are skeptical or you’re holding back or you aren’t sure it’s a good investment of your money, I have to say it is a fantastic investment of money and I’m very pleased with it. I can say with 100% certainty you will be also.” © Scott Whitaker www.PowerMultipliers.com 3

“A Simple Step-by-Step Plan Anyone Can Follow” “Scott has taken what can be a complicated process and given us a step by step plan for our Membership businesses. I have ordered copies for all of my staff and beginning this next week Workamper News, already a membership business with eighty thousand members is going to get back in touch with the true meaning of ‘Membership!’ Thank you Scott, for the great message!” Steve Anderson President Workamper News, Inc. “His Book Alone Could Sell For Over $10,000” “Scott Whitaker WAY over-delivers. I’m recommending him to all of my friends and clients. I have been “doing memberships” since (way) before memberships were cool and I learned a TON from Scott. You do not want to run a membership without Scott Whitaker” Michelle Pippin Founder of Women Who WOW “Created A New Path To Achieve More And Get More Members” “With Scotts assistance we are transitioning to value based marketing. Now we’ve added a path for the members to follow to achieve measured results and increased the price to $97 a month! So getting four new members at this level is the same as getting fourty new members prior. An additional benefi t was the clarity about who our ideal market is based upon the responses and feedback we received through the process. Thanks Scott!” Dave Stevens Founder of RiversZen “Dig In Now… Made it Easy To Implement!” “Scott’s down to earth and easy to implement strategies make growing your membership quicker, more fun and more profi table. I highly recommend digging in and taking action on his strategies if you have or want a growing membership business!” Jon Toy Founder of Shock And Awe Box © Scott Whitaker www.PowerMultipliers.com 4

“Scott Guided Me To Sell For 7 Figures!” “Your guidance and coaching there was invaluable. I’m proof positive that a membership program has real, calculable, closing-table value that goes far beyond the empty echoes of ‘… a really good reputation’. Memberships are worth money today, every month thereafter, and then they multiply again when you go to sell your business... In my case the value created was well into seven-fi gures. Thank you for your continued guidance.” Adams Hudson President HudsonInk.com “I Was Able To Increase By 300%!” Kim Walsh-Phillips Founder of Powerful Professionals “Thank You, Scott!” Nelson Searcy Founder of Renegade Pastors Network and Church “It’s not an exaggeration to say that this network wouldn’t exist without Scott Whitaker. After hearing me say for years that I wanted to build a network for renegade pastors, he fi nally cornered me (literally) in a hotel lobby in Southern California and told me it was time to put action behind my words (at least that’s what I heard him say; I’m sure he was more tactful). Two months later, The Renegade Pastors Network was born. Thank you, Scott!” “As the founder of several membership programs, I am always looking for new books on the topic. Finally, there is an ultimate guide. I cannot recommend this book more highly. Scott is brilliant and tells you everything you need to know how to grow your membership. In just the fi rst 30 minutes of going through Scott’s program, we were able to multiply our membership revenue path more than 300%!! “Worked For My ‘Brick And Mortar’ Spa Membership” Jennifer Sanchez VP of Sales & Marketing Beautique Medical Spa © Scott Whitaker www.PowerMultipliers.com 5 “While working with Scott, I have been able to move new members to fully-engaged and strengthen client loyalty. The best part is that together we were able to create a solid system that my staff can implement so that each new member will know that their investment with us is one of the best decisions they have ever made. Thank you Scott for taking things and putting them into a simple process that will increase our revenue and more importantly our client loyalty. “

“Didn’t Think It Was Possible, Now It’s Easier Than I Thought” “I just started my membership after many years of not even considering it because all I could think of was: ‘I have to entertain and give a lot of content every month to be able to keep my members.’ I realize that that doesn’t have to be the case. I appreciate how Scott actually addresses this concern and the system he teaches to have a membership that’s constantly growing and has great retention. I already started to implement some of Scott’s strategies.” Magda Castenada Founder of Utopia Health Career Center “I’m Now Lightyears Ahead” “Thank you so much for the tremendous insight, ideas, and value you’ve provided me this week. You’ve moved me lightyears ahead. I’m more excited than ever to take the next steps and feel like I have a solid plan to move forward. I am more excited than ever. You’ve helped me gain so much clarity. You’ve given me answers to questions I had. A map…a name…a plan…and places to look for inspiration. I cannot thank you enough.” Cindy Cyr Marketing Strategist, Consultant, & Copywriter “I’m Able to Fulfi ll My Dream Of A Profi table Membership” “I just fi nished working with Scott. And it was an incredible, incredible experience. I mean, he dug deep into my business. We got into numbers. We got into creating memberships. And I can see from here going forward how much money we can make. I mean, this has been a real dream of ours to implement a membership in our business. It’s really the one way to really get the kind of revenue jump that we’ve been looking for. And without Scott’s help, we could not have done this ourselves. So, I really, really recommend Scott. I’d recommend membership multipliers. You’re in the right place.” Susan Berkley Owner of The Great Voice Company “32 New Members In Just Four Days Equals $2,000 Every Single Month!” “Have to give a huge shout out to Scott. I Just fi nished his four day email series. During the four days I got 32 new members. That’s almost four hundred percent more than I usually get adding over $2,000 per month In revenue Just In four days!!! I was a little skeptical at fi rst, but Scott really knows his stuff. My biggest ah-ha from the event was identifying more ways I can help those I wish to serve. Can’t Thank you enough!” Brooke Elder Founder of Social Tenacity © Scott Whitaker www.PowerMultipliers.com 6

“$400 Per Month” “Scott pushed me to do the 4-Day Membership Generator, and while I only promoted this to my existing list of 1463 plus a little word of mouth to some key partners and a networking group I belonged to, the results did exceed my initial expectations and I was surprised by some of the long time list people who fi nally signed up. Crystal Thies Founder of LinkedIn Ninja In total, I got 17 new members through the campaign which will be $425 per month going forward. Thanks so much Scott!” “Discovered More In One Day Than I Did In Countless Multi-Day Seminars” John Laird MDC “I learned more about assimilating members from one day with Scott than I have from entire multi-day seminars devoted to the topic. From the strategic reasons to take specifi c actions to practical examples of the strategies in action, Scott can walk you through the complete process. Seriously, if you want more members and you want to retain them, listen to Scott!” “I Can Finally Get More Time With My Family And Grandkids” Tim Johnson CEO/Founder of Global Renegade “Scott, The way you took membership and broke it down was absolutely amazing. The Content Multiplier was totally off the hook. The way you made it easy to consume and got me to action items in less than one day was totally awesome. If you don’t know Scott I highly suggest you google him. Get his course. Go listen to him speak. Just get into his world. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Highly, highly recommend Scott. I can fi nally get more time with my family and grandkids. Thanks Scott!” © Scott Whitaker www.PowerMultipliers.com 7

“Supercharged My Team To Get Our Membership Launched!” “We just fi nished working with Scott Whitaker on building out our membership program. What a thought provoking, intense time it was. It totally went in a different direction than what we had anticipated, but our entire team is super charged about getting started and getting our program up and running and getting our packages going. So what a wonderful, successful, productive day we had.” Demet Anagnos CEO/Founder of Results CFO “‘Rubber Meets The Road’ How To” “Scott has the whole package! With Scott’s help you will get members, keep members and enjoy your life. Scott delivers on strategy AND rubber meets the road ‘how to’!” Christa Trantham Coach Blueprint “Unending Ways to Grow My Membership” “I’m amazed by the plethora of tools he has ready to give members so they can grow their membership... Unending! I have great clarity and tools to make my membership easier! Thank you, Scott! Looking forward to launching now.” Jay Henderson Founder of Real Talent Hiring “Going to Tell The World…” “Good grief. I’m learning so much and I’m so proud to have invested in this membership!! I can’t wait to get everyone telling the world how they feel about MINE!” Haziq Ali Founder of We Are Millionaire Minded © Scott Whitaker www.PowerMultipliers.com 8

Attention Anyone Who Wants To Quickly Increase Membership Engagement... Use This Cheat Sheet To Take a Member from “Sign-Up” to “Fully-Engaged” in Your Membership (Simple Steps Anyone Can Use To Increase Retention and Keep More Members!) This FREE Game Plan Will Show You: Three simple steps you can take with any member to increase their retention What separates your membership from your competitors Why members keep their membership (and how you can help them “achieve” it) A simple step-by-step plan that you quickly implement in your membership today And much, much more! Send Me My Game Plan www.MembershipMultipliers.com/gameplan New Episodes Each Monday Click To Listen At www.MoreMembersNowPodcast.com © Scott Whitaker www.PowerMultipliers.com 9

“I Can Now Grow and Multiply” “Thanks for an amazing two days with the ALL New S.E.L.L system training. You are a wealth of information! It’s easy to see how you can help membership organizations grow and multiply.” Cindy Walters Owner of Nonprofi t Success Network “Numerous ‘Eureka Moments’” “In working with Scott, my biggest ‘aha’ moment is really a combination of several smaller ‘eureka’ moments. The sum of all the practical, down to-earth bits of information were immediately applicable to launch my membership. My business plan is complex dealing with three levels, but the tactics and techniques presented through membership multipliers appropriately fi t each of the three legs of the operation. Scott was attentive and addressed all my specifi c questions but one of the most important takeaways might well be the mastermind group which connects like- minded entrepreneurs. It’s not about closing a sale. It’s much more about opening relationships.” Gary Helffenstein Founder/Director of Ski With Me “Got My First 25 Members!” “I’ve just started marketing my new Facebook group and have my fi rst twenty-fi ve members!! I’m walking away with a plan of attack for how I am going to generate more members. I realized I was overthinking everything. Scott brought a lot of clarity for the best way to move forward and helped me map everything out. Very grateful that I invested in this event.” Mandy Green President of Busy Coach “If You Lead A Membership You Must Read Scott’s Book: Accelerate” “If you lead a membership or association, you must read Accelerate. Scott’s strategies have helped us create an even stronger movement to change lives. We’re implementing strategies to serve more members… and at a higher level BOOM! Scott Whitaker is a membership acceletor!” Mike Agugliaro Owner of CEO Warrior © Scott Whitaker www.PowerMultipliers.com 10

“Plugged The Holes In My Membership” “I learned where the holes in my membership were and how to fi ll them in. Scott showed me strategies on how to make my program more benefi cial to not only my members, but to myself as well. Because of Scott sharing his knowledge, I feel more confi dent that my program will be able to help me achieve my lifetime goals.” Philip Freedman Owner of, My Marketing Care “Added 396 Members” “I had a major “ah-ha” in realizing that with every product we send out we have a perfect opportunity to give a trial membership to our community. From our recent sales we sold a ton of products and added another 58 new members. We now have added 396 new members using Scott’s guidance.” Dan Miller President of 48 Days, LLC “Able To Fulfi ll My Mission And Have A Greater Impact” “Over the past two days with Scott I got extremely clear in what I could do to clarify my message, as well as how to implement strategies taught. Putting the Seven Membership Multipliers into action brought my membership to life. I’m excited about my mission and ready to make major impact.” Nicola SmithJackson CEO of Pink Millionaire “With Scott’s Twenty-One Day Plan, I’m Going To Turn That Ten Into A One Thousand Members” “Not that I am complaining one bit...lol. With Scott’s twenty-one day plan, I’m going to turn that into a one thousand members very soon! Thanks, Linda“ Linda Harvey President of Linda Harvey Group, Inc © Scott Whitaker www.PowerMultipliers.com 11

“Created A Different Level Of Membership Program.” I just fi nished a day with Scott Whitaker and my mind is blown with great ideas. He was able to give me a lot of awesome clarity by creating different levels of membership programs. We also discussed a subscription programs for our brick and mortar program. I’m so enthused about leveraging the experience I’ve had at our core business and now taking it where we know we’re going to create an even bigger impact, a bigger contribution by shortening the learning curve of some of the other business owners in our industry. I am so pumped up and really excited. I know this is the beginning of a great relationship and today was worth every penny I spent to have Scott here with me. So, thanks Scott. Dave Coyle Marketing Coach at Maverick Drycleaners “You’ll End Up With A Path That’s More Clear” “Scott’s got great coaching. You’ve got somebody who understands your stuff. You’ve got a way to get it all up there so that you can analyze it and make a plan with it. You’ve got these amazing questions asked of you that take you to a new level. So if you haven’t called you should be doing it by now because I’m telling you I’m a fan and it’s just a good person you’re working with. Scott is a smart person and a good person.I say, call Scott!” Donna Krech Author & Speaker “I Learned Leadership And Organizing Events At A High Level.” “There is something magical about being in the right environment. Learned professionalism, authenticity and value-driven intensive style event and how it was organized. Not only are the contents being great, but I learned leadership and organizing events at a high level.” TJ Ahn Founder/CEO of Dr. TJ Ahn Coaching & Consulting © Scott Whitaker www.PowerMultipliers.com 12

“One Simple Email Campaign Generated $9,443 Every Month” “I’ve done the 4 Day Membership Generator and I have 19 members who pay me and $497 per month! That’s $9,443 every month from Scott’s simple email campaign!” Tom Orent CEO of Gems Insider’s Circle “Makes Growing Membership Almost ‘Paint-by-Numbers’” Phil Kaplan Founder/President of Be Better Solutions “While I thoroughly enjoyed the content of the two-day conference, I can’t identify a single a-ha. The reason is, all of the pieces are sewn together seamlessly. While I had many of the elements in place, learning to use the Facebook group as a collective prospect audience, feeding both the general Facebook community and my private audience with targeted Attraction Tools, and structuring both the fourteen-Day Buzz plan and the email strategy overview makes growing membership almost paint-by-numbers.” “I Can Grow My Membership Without Paid Facebook Ads” “I was hesitant to purchase The All New SELL System since I didn’t yet have an existing membership program, but I am so glad I did. This Multiplier Matrix concept is perfect as I move to launching my new program. I now realize exactly how to leverage Facebook to build my membership without having to buy paid ads. Thanks Scott!” Tim Berry CEO/Founder of Reputation Local “I Now Know How To Create A Higher Level Membership” “I found the Triple Your Membership Incubator extremely helpful and worth my time. I learned a lot! My main take away was it helped me to clearly see I need a higher level of membership, which I can achieve without a lot of increased effort. Good stuff.” Jonathan Graf President of Church Prayer Leaders Network © Scott Whitaker www.PowerMultipliers.com 13

“My Secret Weapon To Grow My Membership Business” “I decided to work with Scott. We brought him in for an awesome VIP day, fl ew all my team into New York. We met with him to really map out our business model and what we were going to move forward with. And then we engaged Scott and worked with him after that period to help us on the implementation piece, which has been so valuable. What I love about Scott is he has the best heart in the world. He’s an awesome human being. And he has such a wealth of knowledge in the marketing space and not just marketing, he has provided me advice and mentorship around the operations piece of our business. He’s been like my secret weapon. I keep him in my back pocket and call him up and talk to. And so anyone who’s out there that really runs a business and you want to create a better business, to impact more lives. You’ve got to have a conversation with Scott. It’s been an absolute pleasure and I can’t recommend him highly enough for any business owner that wants to take their business and really their life to the next level. So thanks Scott for everything that you’ve done for us. And I really look forward to us continuing our together.” Clint Salter CEO of Dance Studios Owners Association “Solid, Successful Experience, Not Theory” “Scott Whitaker has neatly consolidated the vital truths and fundamentals about what I call “the membership concept,” which I have used for my own fortune and for countless clients. His advice is drawn from solid, successful experience, not theory. To be a member, it must mean something, and that mean must be systematically reinforced. Scott knows this.” Dan S. Kennedy Speaker/Author NO BS Book Series and NO BS Inner Circle Join My Fun Facebook Group I run a fun Facebook group for “membership marketers” who want to grow and scale their membership business. It might be useful for you. Check it out here www.facebook.com/groups/MembershipMarketers © Scott Whitaker www.PowerMultipliers.com 14

“I Spent Thousands Of Dollars Until Scott…” “I’ve spent thousands of dollars buying courses and memberships and no one has ever called me.” Joia Jitahidi Owner of Joia Muses “Input And Expertise!” “Our membership retention has done better because of Scott Whitaker’s input and expertise!” Michael Rozbruch Founder of Roz Strategies “In Just 3 Hours I Got The Tools I Needed” “It only took 3 hours with Scott and I discovered I had more than enough content to not only start, but more than enough for a year or two. I really appreciate your knowledge and the time that you shared with me today. The information you provided was extremely insightful and valuable. I now feel confi dent that I have the tools I need to build my membership business while providing extreme value to my members.” Melvin S Yates II Owner of EXIT Flagship Realty “Get Specifi c Next Steps For My Membership” “Scott was awesome! Because of the intimate environment and direct access to Scott, I was able to get specifi c next steps and know exactly what to do as it relates to my membership!” John Berry Founder of Youth Hoops Academy © Scott Whitaker www.PowerMultipliers.com 15

“All It Took Was One Simple Tweak” “In just twenty-four hours our membership conversions went from fourteen to seventy-one percent with one simple tweak that Scott made.” Bill Heid President of Heirloom Audio “Five Call Bookings From One Simple Tip” “Watched the Crafting Emails Masterclass. Crafted an email. Immediately got fi ve call bookings. Thanks!” Lisa Coulson Marketing Coach “This Guy Truly Cares” “Scott has been amazing at helping to grow the membership of our coaching program. He is wonderful to work with and truly cares about the growth of our business.“ Brian Duprey Author of Child Care Millionaire “Created Immediate Wins And Long Term Value for My Members” “I have tons of content- but I didn’t have a way to organize it. Now I do. Also- great clarity about how to, specifi cally, bring members value immediately, near term and long term.” Dr. Malcolm Upton Head Coach at Focused Business Coaching © Scott Whitaker www.PowerMultipliers.com 16

“Simple Process And Simple To Work On” “Scott makes the process simple. He breaks the process down into small bite size bits that are simple to work on.” Damon Yudichak Founder of Ideal Money Life “Practices What He Preaches” “I love that this is a great example of ‘Practice what you preach’ with customer care.” Laura Clark Wise Living Institute “Gave Me A Strong New Member On-Ramp” “Another great session by Scott on Seven-day On Ramp for members! My take away: the importance of strong welcome letter! Thanks, Scott!” Teri Olivier Found of Celebrate Work From Home “Invaluable Tools And Techniques” “Scott was awesome! The tools and techniques he shared with us proved invaluable and easy to execute!” Marlene Wright InspectionGo © Scott Whitaker www.PowerMultipliers.com 17

“Built My Membership Program From Scratch” “Scott has helped me build a conceptual model of my membership program. His insights and methods have been very valuable.” Bob Norton Norton Accounting Services, LLC “Shifted My Focus To Help More People” “Big learning from two days with Scott: I’ve been too focused on what I think people need. I need to focus my work on what they want. Big shift in focus.” Jonathan Marx President of Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce “The Strategy Is Priceless” “Scott, I appreciate the work we did in the All-New S.E.L.L. System program. The strategy for using Facebook to attain new customers without having to us Facebook Ads is priceless!” Monty Stephens CEO of Meet Some Of Our Membership Maximizer Mastermind Members Total Life Coaching Membership Is By Invitation Only To Request Information, Contact scott@membershipmultipliers.com © Scott Whitaker www.PowerMultipliers.com 18

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