Our People. Our Expertise. Your Trusted Technical Resource. JANUARY 7TH, 2021 INSIDE THIS ISSUE PG. 2 What 2020 brought to the Management team and to the broader business. PG. 3 The frontier of technology and innovation at MBC Group. PG. 4 COVID-19 tips and update. Prevent frozen pipes this winter. PG. 5 A message from our President. THE MBC VOICE WHO WE ARE MBC Group is a multi-disciplinary Engineering firm that has been providing expert solutions from coast to coast for 20 years. Our wide range of services includes Engineering, Cost Consulting, Quantity Surveying, Environmental services, and now Forensic Laboratory Services. By hiring experts in their fields who bring a creative methodology to their project approach backed by years of related experience, we strive to provide a wide array of reliable and trustworthy services. Our team focuses on the quality of those services rendered, while striving to improve industry standards and streamlining solutions for our clients.

2020 AT A GLANCE NEW LEADERSHIP IN MBC GROUP There have been some significant changes this year at MBC Group. We are proud to have nearly doubled our staff to over 100 from the beginning of 2020. We’ve had a number of significant additions to our management team. These exceptional leaders play an essential role in the growth that happened this year as well as the further development of MBC Group’s capabilities. Equipped with their unique sets of experience and background, they are streamlining our processes and procedures, getting MBC’s name out there, and strengthening our partnerships as well as our reputation. EXPERT SPOTLIGHT We are inviting our clients to get insight into who our experts are and what makes them tick. Each month we highlight a different member of the MBC Team. Click to get to know our team members! OUR PARTNERS Go West Corp Asset Valuation RML Automotive Appraisals Automotive and Equipment Appraisal INNOVATION AND PARTNERSHIPS This year MBC experienced substantial growth in all lines of business. Our Engineering team moved into British Columbia with the acquisition of Siefken Engineering, a team of talented structural engineers. Our Environmental team also moved into BC, gaining 4 experts over this year. On top of acquiring strong companies to expand the operations of MBC Group, we have also partnered with expert companies who are leaders in the services they provide. Part of being a single source for our clients’ service requirements is being able to provide our clients with trustworthy and reliable sources for their broader project requirements. Check out the companies we partner with in the image to the left. Keep up to date with the inspiring connections we are continuing to make in 2021 on our website!

TECH CORNER TECHNOLOGY TO ASK ABOUT IN 2021 Staying up to date with technology is important to MBC Group. It can streamline many of the aspects of our projects. MBC Group strives to innovate with ideas as well as the tech we use on our project sites. These are two of our tools which our clients have been impressed with: Drone – Our drone allows us to get a high-resolution view of hard-to-reach places during building inspections. The drone saves money for our clients not only by reducing inspection time, but also by eliminating the cost and requirement of lifts and scaffolding. 3D Imaging – Our 3D imaging service allows us to capture project sites in the 3D realm, sort of like a virtual dollhouse. It gives our clients virtual 360-degree access to their project site. The current pandemic situation has resulted in travel restrictions and other COVID-19 guidelines which have made operations more complicated. 3D imaging is a great solution for those who can’t make it to their sites. Watch a short video about 3D imaging here: FORENSIC LABORATORY OUR FIRST RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT INNITIATIVE Innovation is what drives MBC Group. In July of 2020, MBC Group hired Dr. Robin Abel as our Chief Scientist, with the sole purpose of propelling MBC Group into the future as the head of our new Research & Development Division. Dr. Abel will establish and implement our new Forensic Laboratory Services Program, which will focus on providing analytical tests that have historically been outsourced to contract laboratories. Why? The same reason MBC Group has moved into providing a greater variety of services: to provide our clients with more in-house services at the quality MBC Group is known for. The lab will give us more control over analysis timelines and reduced wait times for sample results. What’s more exciting is that the space will allow a platform for our scientists’ bigger subject of research: the automation of certain processes using machine-learning technology. MBC Group is currently working on ways to bring our analysis on to our project sites for immediate analysis and verdict. Stay tuned to our website and future newsletter issues to keep updated on our progress.

COVID-19 TIPS FROM OUR EXPERTS In April of 2020, Dennis French, our VP of Environmental, created an insightful video about cleaning vs. disinfecting. We all know what an important aspect of our lives disinfecting has become, applying hand sanitizer more than ever before and considering the intricacies of taking off and storing our masks properly. In the midst of the current lockdown, it is helpful to brush up on the basics of properly disinfecting surfaces. Is disinfecting enough? What should be considered when buying disinfecting products? Watch the video to find out. MBC GROUP’s BUSINESS RESPONSE TO TACKLE COVID-19 So far, MBC Group has maintained normal business operation throughout the pandemic. In March, as well as in December of 2020, we closed our offices, and our staff are working remotely and safely from home, fully operational. All field staff are required to screen any contractors working on site with a questionnaire prior to attending, and anyone showing symptoms must report to our safety department immediately. Until we receive a negative test results from them, they remain in isolation. Our staff’s safety as well as our client’s safety remain our top priority. If you have any questions about our COVID procedures and protocols, please get in touch. FROZEN PIPES 10 THINGS YOU CAN DO TO MITIGATE YOUR RISK THIS WINTER 1. If your pipes are not insulated, consider purchasing some affordable pipe insulation at your local hardware store. 2. Keep your thermostat on a consistent temperature, and if you are going away, keep it at least 55°F in your house. 3. Keep the garage door closed. 4. Regularly open your cabinets to circulate warm air. 5. Let faucets with exposed piping drip to keep pressure down. 6. If you have short sections of exposed pipe, heating tape can be a good solution. 7. Inspect your home and seal up any cracks or holes. 8. Keep your interior doors open to circulate warm air. 9. Consider installing a freeze alarm or a hot water circulating pump to monitor and control water temperature. 10. Install extra insulation for those particularly cold spaces where you have pipes exposed to the cold.

THE MORE YOU KNOW EXPERT INSIGHTS FROM MBC GROUP Our experts are passionate about providing top-notch services to our clients, as well as sharing insights from their wheelhouses. This year Ross Huartt, President of MBC Group contributed to the Construction Economist Magazine. Click “Read Article” above to check out Ross’s piece called “Providing Services: Errors and Omissions Insurance”. A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT A GREETING FOR A NEW YEAR There is no doubt 2020 was a challenging year on many levels. MBC Group is thankful and proud to have grown as much as we did in 2020, and to continue that growth in 2021, with many exciting developments on the horizon. We wanted to take a moment to extend our gratitude. We wouldn’t be the successful company we are without the loyalty of our clients. This year we are excited to announce that we will be extending our service offering to include Laboratory Analysis. This means a tighter control of sample turnaround time, and even a defensible analysis within the legal framework. We look forward to impressing our current and future clients with the delivery of this service, as a result of the research and effort made by our hard-working Chief Scientist and Environmental Consulting team. As we put 2020 behind us, we’re still moving forward and are excited for what’s to come in the new year for all of our lines of business. If you have questions or want to learn more, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out to your contacts to see what is happening at MBC Group, and stay tuned to our website and LinkedIn, as well as our other social media pages, to keep up to date with MBC Group’s growth and innovations. We wish you all a prosperous New Year and look forward to connecting. Warm Regards, The MBC Group Board of Directors

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