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WH ERE TO B EG I N… 2021, what a year! So often we get swept up by the current of life, and time seems to slip away faster than we can keep track of! We’re often in a hurry, always focusing on what comes next. Occasionally, it is refreshing to take pause and reflect on the path that has gotten us where we are, to relish in the successes when there hasn’t always been time to do so in the moment. It’s been a big year at MBC Group, and 2022 promises even more growth and success! But to appreciate where we’ve been and just how much we’ve evolved, here is a highlight reel of 2021. When it’s all in one place, it really comes into perspective how much has happened this year. Besides surpassing 100 staff members and travelling across country (and the web) to deliver our webinars, some of the most exciting factors of our success this year have been on the innovation front. Our lab has been operational for several months now and has seen great progress. The growing team of passionate scientists is currently focused on 2021 A YEAR IN REVIEW certifying the lab to make way for much greater things. Stay tuned for exciting updates on the lab! We’ve also made a huge effort in the drive for sustainability in the industries we serve. We’ve been out there educating insurance companies how they can contribute to a greener future and working with some of those companies to see what we can do by working together. Learn more about our green initiatives on the next page! Jan Feb May Official launch of The MBC Voice MBC partners with RML Automotive Appraisal MBC hosts 2nd annual Veteran Association food drive MBC acquires Sure Hazmat & Testing in Burnaby, BC Jun Jul Sep MBC hires Yves Metten as VP of Corporate Development Ross Huartt promoted to CEO President and Founder Marc Bourret retires Nov MBC deploys catastrophe response team to BC MBC launches new website MBC acquires Walker Projects in Regina, SK STAY CONNECTED! f ● in

MBC Group’s Green Site Initiative If you follow us on LinkedIn, you’ll already know about our green site initiative. This was established by Aviva Insurance and is being actioned alongside their preferred restoration vendors and Pro-Claim Restoration. WHAT I S A ‘ G R E E N SI T E ’ ? Green sites are private field level recycling transfer stations which exist to contribute toward a circular economy. These sites allow companies like Aviva Insurance to have the benchmark data to track progress and success. Typically, we are already seeing anywhere from 90% – 96% reusability or recycling of the materials removed from any one project. In the recent catastrophic flooding of BC, green sites were set up in the hardest hit areas to ensure that this initiative is feasible even in emergency situations, which this certainly was. Together we’ve proven that this works. One of the biggest lessons out of this experience is that it takes a village. Several companies achieving independent goals will only get us so far. When we come together, all with goals of a more sustainable and greener future, big problems are that much easier to conquer. SOME R E C E N T F E E DBAC K Leading by example We wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to Mike Smith, one of our Senior Environmental Consultants who operates out of our Calgary branch. On a recent insurance file, Mike received impressive feedback from the adjuster. The project involved the post-fire demolition of an indigenous residence, and Mike paid special attention to possible spiritual customs. Mike recognized, without any prompting, the possible need to communicate with the LFN Band Council on any spiritual needs, and the requirement for advising the contractors of special attention to these matters. Sometimes the job requires us to go above and beyond the assignment, and we were beyond pleased that our own staff were taking the time to apply awareness that we should all have. For those who perform work on indigenousowned properties, is this something you have taken the time to consider?

Winter tips from our experts to help you get through those cold spells! T I PS F OR T H E HOME Things to keep in mind for your home this winter. The silent killer If you don’t have one, get a carbon monoxide detector. With the water heater in overdrive, the furnace fighting the cold, and the fireplace burning, great conditions for carbon monoxide exist. Have one already? Make sure to check the batteries. Windows, windows, windows Insulate your windows to minimize heat loss. Installing blinds or drapes is an easy first step. You could even consider getting thermal curtains in those extra drafty rooms! There is also insulation film you can easily apply which is available at most hardware stores. What’s in the attic? For the more ambitious among us, insulating the attic if it isn’t already can be a huge gamechanger. This will save money on your power bills, keep you warm, and it should last many years! Where does the hot air go? Are your ceiling fans running clockwise? You should be turning them to run counterclockwise on low to keep the hot air circulating. You can also put a fan pointing down the stairs, which will pull the hot air back down to lower levels of your house. Do you have safety supplies in your vehicle? It may seem like a nuisance to carry around extra items, but if you find yourself in an emergency situation, it is very worth the small inconvenience. Supplies you should be carrying: • Warm blanket (thermal blankets are best) • Warm jacket, clothes, boots • Candles, waterproof matches o A deep can to put the candle in • Window ice scraper • Water bottles (replace every 6 months) • Roadmaps • Whistle • First aid kit with a seatbelt cutter • Small shovel • Food that won’t spoil (ex. energy bars) T I P S F O R TH E V E H I C LE We live in Canada, which means for many of us, intense winters! And yet, many Canadians are unprepared for getting caught in potentially dangerous (and cold) situations.

Winter Burnout Are you looking out for yourself? It’s a new year, and it’s no secret that the past couple years have been a struggle for many people. Finding the balance in a pandemic world isn’t always easy. Add in shorter days, lack of sunlight, and vitamin D deficiency that comes with Canadian Winters and it becomes easy to fall into patterns that cause burnout if we don’t take proper care of ourselves. SI G NS OF B U R NOU T Burnout is caused by extensive emotional, physical, and mental stress, and can have serious effects on our health and well being. It can be easy to ignore or rationalize the symptoms of burnout. When we are stressed, we tend to go into auto-pilot mode and ignore things we probably shouldn’t. Here are some of the signs you should be paying extra attention to: • Exhaustion and fatigue • Problems sleeping or sleeping too much • Headaches, dizziness • Irritability and negativity • Loss of focus and concentration • Anxiety and/or depression • Racing heart, sweating T I PS TO PRE V E N T / R E V E R SE B U R NOU T Taking small steps to incorporate these simple tips into your life can be the key to preventing or recovering from burnout. • Move your body. This can look like exercise, going for a walk, or taking regular stretching breaks at work. • Meditation. There are so many resources on YouTube, Spotify, or other programs for short, guided meditations. If you aren’t sure where to start, click here. • Deep breathing (meditation is great for this). When you start to feel anxious, take a step back from what you are doing. Close your eyes and use the “box method” of breathing: 1. Take a deep breath in through the nose for 4 seconds. 2. Hold your breath there for 4 seconds. 3. Take a deep breath out through the mouth for 4 seconds. 4. Hold your breath there for 4 seconds. 5. Repeat as needed until you start to feel calmer and more relaxed. • Eating healthy. This can be easier said than done, especially if you are constantly on the road. But this can look like getting protein and a salad earlier in the day so that your body is getting the energy and nutrients it needs. • Good Sleep. This is also easier said than done. Try limiting your screen time a couple hours before bed. Stop consuming caffeine later in the day. Try meditation before bed to get more relaxed. • Connection. Talk to your friends and loved ones or seek out counselling. “It all begins with you. If you do not take care of yourself, you will not be strong enough to take care of anything in life.” – Leon Brown R E SOU R C E S Stress and burnout are serious issues and can have very negative effects on your mental and physical health. There are many resources for anyone struggling. If you don’t know where to start, talk to your doctor. If you don’t have a doctor, call your local health line to get started.

Setting industry standards What’s that acronym? I I C R C In each issue of the MBC Voice, we look at a new acronym that is either a designation we or our staff carry or an organization that we are members of. For this issue, we’re looking at the IICRC – or the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. Founded in 1972, the organization has more than 49,000 certified technicians and 6,500 certified firms across the globe. They exist as a resource for certifications and industry standards. Certifications through the IICRC They currently offer 26 certifications for the inspection, restoration, and cleaning industries. These certifications show that individuals have taken the time to learn the standards within their job and have gained an in-depth understanding of the proper methods of performing their job role. Certifications provide an opportunity for members to further their career by adding distinction to their portfolio, proof of their experience, passion for the job, and expertise. A huge aspect of the IICRC organization is the generation and updating of industry standards. Having standards of practice is essential to ensure the health and safety of workers who are exposed to potentially hazardous situation. What sticks out about the IICRC’s approach is the public involvement. When a standard is written, the organization calls for volunteers – experts in the subject of the standard – to assist with the process. The standard is also reviewed by a consensus body and in a public setting, where appeals can be made and addressed. Standards are reviewed continuously within 5 years of their creation and each subsequent review, so that they are always up to date. Following a reputable standard is another way for firms to provide a concrete set of expertise in their portfolio. The IICRC is committed to the interests of the workers and standards within the industries they serve. Providing a way to contribute keeps experts engaged, giving individuals who are invested in their industry a way to participate on a broader scale. To learn more about the IICRC click here.

A message from Ross Huartt, President and CEO On behalf of MBC’s executive leadership team Greetings in the new year! The executive board of MBC Group extends our wishes of a happy new year to all of you and your loved ones! We are eternally grateful to the continued support and partnerships. Our professional relationships have been one of the most important benchmarks in our success. 2021 was once again a year of success and growth, and we anticipate a strong multi-year outlook as we complete the integration of recent acquisitions and operational initiatives. move along. This year has no doubt given us the energy we need to bring more integrated solutions to the market in the form of sensor technology in a portable format. The integration of artificial intelligence into our repertoire has us all very excited for the outcomes of this multi-million, multi-year research and development program. As I spend more and more time as a leader in this company, and as a part of these industries, driven to seize every opportunity possible. The “Our professional relationships have been one of the most important benchmarks in our success.” As we adapt our growth strategy to meet the demands of our growing organization, we wanted to take a moment to put the spotlight on our amazing team here at MBC. We wouldn’t be as successful as we are if it weren’t for the efforts of every individual, from the receptionists and administrative staff to the operational and finance teams, the HR department, the business development team, and of course all of our consultants who strive to deliver top-tier service to all of our clientele! Equipped with an evolved corporate ownership structure and constantly improved operations, MBC is poised to make an even greater impact as several of our sophisticated and innovative enterprises strength of my team and the collaboration with other organizations to work toward a more sustainable future provides endless fuel and motivation to make a greater impact. In short, thank you to all who are on the ride with us! Sincerely, I am Ross Huartt President and CEO Experience you can trust, service you can count on.

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